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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by brownmonster, Jan 17, 2003.

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    Do the brownbloods know how many pkgs are sheeted under the wrong address each day due to the lack of an edit feature on the diad. I'll void a small stop if I catch it while I'm there but if it's an MP I just say screw it. Once in a while a dock is blocked and you move on and forget to change the stop. Or maybe I'm the only driver this happens to? And secondly, how come when a split is moved out of your truck the Gateways and Dells seem to be glued to the floor so you have to drive thru that area anyway. And there next big push is saving miles. A little effort would save plenty.
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    How many times does this happen..

    Youve been running HCs and pressing 1 for residential. Then all the sudden you do a business stop and press 1 again out of habit when you should have pressed 2 for commercial. Now that shipper will be charged for a residential stop when in fact it was a business stop. Or youve been pressing 6 for a driver release during the past 10 stops then again, out of habit, you press 6 when it should have been 7 for front door. We need an edit feature! NOW!
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    Hot topic, but its not coming back.

    Something better is coming.

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    "Something better is coming."

    wow, you must be someone important..... How 'bout sharing your wealth of information?
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    The worst is when you have been running business all day, hitting "reciever", "reciever","reciever", etc.. and then in the afternoon when you are getting a signature for that airsaver at an Apt. complex, and you automatically hit reciever again instead of residence...BAM, late air, and no way to back and edit it.
  6. over9five

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    Its a trust issue. They dont trust us to do the right thing.
    Only people who are so untrustworthy themselves would be so scared of their own employees being untrustworthy.
  7. brownmonster

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    I hate it when I hit shift by mistake during a DR and it switches to release # and then I hit commercial by mistake after the release location and cost the company the $1.15. I really hate it when I do this by mistake about 30 times a day. I tell them I would correct it but sorry, DIAD wont let me. Mistakes happen!!
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    Not a trust issue. The system was abused which is why they killed the edit option.
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    "The system was abused..."

    Im sure it was, but Im also sure it was a very small percentage of drivers who did so. These posts are very accurate. I make the same mistakes daily, and you realise it a fraction of a second after you hit "stop complete". Now, if only I could edit...
    Give me back edit, and fire the abusers!
  10. jackvette

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    The decision to take out edit was made at the highest levels in UPS with much opposition.

    Even the small percent of abusers damaged UPS' reputation, so the decision was made to close the loophole.

    In the future, when you scan a package, all information will automatically fill in. No more entering information. (At least almost none)

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    Tell me more jackvette
  12. bigbrown

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    When is the new system coming online?
  13. jackvette

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    The system ran a pilot test in Gainesville, Georgia for three months this summer. Service providers and management both loved it.

    I have a video with their comments.

    Its being tested right now in Mykawa, Tx with the new DIAD release. It needs other supporting systems, so the rollout is not immediate.

    The DIAD has every package loaded into it and shows all the addresses in trace order. All committed packages, COD's, sig required, are also flagged. (20 minutes before commit time, the DIAD warns you about the ones left)

    As you scan a package, the DIAD knows its address and shows you how many packages you have at the address. If you mistakenly scan another package that has a different address, the DIAD will warn you to prevent the misdelivery. Has saved many drivers embarassment.

    Its nice when the people like something.

  14. deliver_man

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    Hmm...sounds like big changes are coming. Combine this with that new system where the packages will come down the slide with the car# and sequence# already on them, and productivity should increase dramatically. Now I'm wondering how management will tweak the time-studies to allow for it. I mean, I'm picturing my car being loaded darn near stop-for-stop (less wasted time sorting on road) and all my stops basically pre-sheeted in the DIAD? I'm gonna be able to rip my route down the seam, without a doubt. I'm sure I will be able to run at least 20-30 more DR's in the same time it takes me now. I'm in a bonus building, so unless they tweak the timestudies, we are all gonna be making about 2 hours more bonus a day on top of anything we make already. I'm sure they will be cutting some routes out as a result. Should be interesting. I'm tired of just hearing about all this stuff, though, let's see it!
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    Thats great! Now not only do I have the OMS's sending me messages, OCA, etc popping up while I am busting butt trying to make committ times, now the dang diad will have popups too? What will they think of next[​IMG]

    While I also wish we had that option back, I know of at least one driver that did do a lot of damage to our reputation. Hate for a family man to lose his job, but he had to go!

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    Deliver Man : Please explain to me what a "bonus building" is.
  17. deliver_man

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    Under the bonus system, you get paid for your planned day, not just the actual hours worked. Bonus is paid at overtime rate (time-and-a-half) and only kicks in if your planned day is over 8 hours. Say you take out a 10 hr planned day and finish in 8.5 hrs; for that day you will get paid:
    8 x 23.80 (straight time)
    .5 x 35.70 (overtime)
    1.5 x 35.70 (production bonus)
    So basically bonus is OT that you get paid for, but don't work. You are still guaranteed 8 hrs a day. If you take out a 7 hr planned day and finish in 6 hrs you will get paid for 8 (no bonus). Suffice it to say that the center team goes to great lengths to insure that that does not happen.
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    deliveryman very good explanation for a bonus center that is how it is in my building, However did you know that all bonus centers do not get paid bonus at time and one half some get straight.
    Also found it interesting that across the country everyones lunch is not the same we get 1/2 hour unpaid and two tem minute breaks paid. Some have an hour unpaid etc etc found it interesting
  19. steward377

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    Jackvette is this the pas system i have been hearing about?
    If you run your route a little different than trace will this accomodate your way?
  20. jackvette

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    The loading of the DIAD boards is called EDD. Its associated with the PAS system. (You must have PAS to get EDD).

    Yes, it easily handles running the route different than trace. The preference would be to have the service provider work with the dispatcher to get the trace just how you like it. On any given day, you can run the route differently than trace with no problems.

    That's what the successful places have done.