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    So when do the rest of us get to use
    this new system?
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    Also found it interesting that across the country everyones lunch is not the same we get 1/2 hour unpaid and two tem minute breaks paid. Some have an hour unpaid etc etc found it interesting

    What supplement is that steward? Under the Atlantic we get 1 hour unpaid, and one ten minute break (paid). 70 minutes total compared to 50 for you. And that is very interesting about centers that get paid bonus in straight time. I had not heard that before.
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    we are under the central states and like you thought all bonus centers were the same but read some postings on teamster.net ups board that there was some differences. personally i am not for or against it but at straight time that would cost us some money and probably would not be worth it on a daily basis to give up the OT. Plus the lunch thing 1 hour unpaid lunch IMHO is a long lunch. We start OT at 8.5 hours worked 9 would make a long day.
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    Ever heard of the 13b1 exemption?

    THey wanted us to be a bonus center, but we voted it down. IT was due to the way they wanted to count stops.

    Example A very large apartment complex containing over 2800 appartments. It has an office that will accept deliveries of residents that are not home, if we leave a del notice. On a day where you have 30 deliveries, and find only 6 home you would leave the 24 del notices and leave the packages at the appartment office. Notice you have made 31 deliveries, 30 apts, and one to the office. According to the "official stop counter" you only can count 7 stops, the six you delivered and the other one at the office. Now you could NI1 the other 24 and get credit for them all.

    Same held true for an office complex, where you leave one next door, and they have a delivery also. You only can count 1 stop even though there were really 2. ANd after they tried to fire one driver for counting the correct amount of stops, we just voted it down. I think with the management that we have now, it would float, but its too late now.

    Glad it works for other areas!

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    Thats a funny way to count stops your sporh must be awful we have never had a problem with this as long as they are legitimate stops
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    Well, here's the way we handle that in my bld. I thought everyone knew how this worked, but maybe not:
    1)Make a delivery attmept at all the apts in the complex.
    2)If they are not home, instead of NI1, put the stop in pre-record.
    3)Take all the stops where the people weren't home to the office(they are all in pre-record).
    4)In the prerecord screen, put all the stops as LR (left at residential).
    Hit signature while in the prerecord screen, the office manager signs, hit stop complete, and ALL the stops in pre-record close out. One person has now signed for all the packages, and your stop count reflects all the stops.
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    That is the way it is here too, but when they wanted us to go bonus, they changed the rules. Like I said, If we had had the management that we have now back then, we would also be on bonus.

    Kinda funny, I have a pickup stop that ships out from 100 to 5000 packages a day. Currently each package counts as one package. Under bonus, anything over 100 were counted as 1 package for every 5 picked up. In other words, if I picked up 600 packages, I would get bonus on only 200.

    I know it sounds screwy, but that was what they were wanting to do, so we just voted it out.

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    Danny...1st of all, counting every 5 packages as 1 package would distort the total number of packages picked up by you and the Center and the District, and the Region, and Corp. Now, as for giving the the correct planned time for that day, you must understand how your planned day is calculated. It is based on what should have happened at that stop, useing the proper methods, on the day of the time study. The allowance is based on that. How you count the number of packages depends on how the allowance was developed. The planned time for that stop is dependent on the number of walks required, if a carry aid should have been used, if the packages are loaded thru the bulkhead or rear door, the number of times you must unlock the door, if an elevator is requiired,and all other stepts required to competehe stop useing the proper methods, not what you actually do if not useing proper methods. Once the allowance is developed, it must be determined how to apply it on a daily basis. Since the per package allowance is a constant, regardless of an individual stops characteristics, it remains for the stop allowance to account for the variances in the number of packages picked up on a daily basis to give the correct planned time. If it's determined to base the daily allowed time on a raito of 5 pkgs for every pkg, the stop allowance is increased to reflect this and the package allowance remains a the national allowance .If the actual number of packages is to be counted, then the stop allowance is "watered down" to give the correct planned time for that stop and the package allowance remains constant. In both cases, the correct planned time is allowed. However, as I stated before, using a ratio distorts the total number of packages picked up............................ D Man....As in dannys example, an understanding of how allowances are developed will answer you questions and give you an understanding of your planned time. I suggest you have an I.E. person, experienced in time study, give a presentation. I've been retired for several years, I began as a package driver ( service provider as now refered to). I delivered for over six years bfore going into management. I was a center manager for six years (business manager), and in I.E. for 20 years. During my time as an I.E. manager, I held countless time study schools, training managers, supervisors, and yes, drivers in how time studies are conducted and the allowances developed. Work measurement is not that big of a mystery once it's explained and demonstrated how accurate it is.
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    I totally understand how time studies work, and of the allowances. THat is why when management started counting stops like they did....and it for bonus purposes only, without bonus you still got to count all the stops like normal.

    And as to the pickup stops, the counting one for five picked up only counted on the bonus, it still showed the correct total that were picked up on the center stats. The reduction was only for bonus purposes. And because of this action by the staff, that is why we are not a bonus center. We felt it totally unfair that they could at will decide who made what on bonus.

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    Ups Vette,
    I am a 14 year employee with 9 years of driving under my belt(in a bonus center). I have many "buddies" who have climbed the ranks of different levels of management over the years. One of whom is in IE and may or may not have (wink wink) given me the standards sheets for nearly every route in my center. After the explanation I feel that I have a very good understanding of how the standard system works.

    I have a HUGE problem with this explanation and I wondered if you could elaborate a little on the "watered down" scenario:

    "If the actual number of packages is to be counted, then the stop allowance is "watered down" to give the correct planned time for that stop and the package allowance remains constant."

    I have a marketing company on my route. Most days I pick up 10-15 packages. Several times a year though, they may ship out upwards of 600 samples a day, varying in size and weight. When I check my times on the daily report, the day after one of these heavy days, I notice very little difference in the time alotted for the extra pick up pieces. When I question my Supervisor, he only says that he will look into it and nothing else happens. As I stated before, I have a VERY good understanding of how the standards system works, I have NO understanding how I can make a huge effort of extra work to get these pieces and not get paid for it. ( Money is not the real issue here, I would like to know how this happens)

    I love the insight you have previously provided, it directly coincides with everything I have heard about the DIAD 4 from the inside information I have gathered.

    Thanks in advance for the help. }