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Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Dec 23, 2010.

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    While it's certainly nice to get a raise, the newest pay actions still do absolutely nothing to end the ridiculous 20-year pay progression scale. I've seen rumors floated that they were finally going to do something, but it's obviously more of the same, with higher raises but the same old crap on topout times. In short, the status quo prevails.

    No doubt, the usual suspects will be on here crowing about how great FedEx is and that I'm just complaining about something that's really wonderful. OK, but even with the raise, we are still about where we should have been 10 years ago with wages, and back then, we still had a real retirement plan.

    If you'd like to be an idiot, go on believing that this is the sign of a sea change in the way FedEx upper management views employees. It isn't, and the changeover in the House to Republican leadership has sealed the deal. The EFCA and RLA provision changes that would have forced changes at FedEx are effectively dead and buried for now.

    That means that it's business as usual at FedEx and that they're going to push even harder than ever to make you a profitable "unit of production". Fred has been given the biggest Christmas gift of all by an impotent Congress and an equally flaccid President. Don't forget the Teamsters, who have pulled a disappearing act to rival that of Hoffa Sr.

    "Thank you", Mr. Oberstar, Mr. Hoffa (Jr), Mr. Rockefeller and all the rest of you who couldn't "get it up" when you needed to. Perhaps we should send all of you an extra-strength prescription for Viagra so you can get the job done. Oh, wait a minute. It's already too late. The object of your affections has already left the room.
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    We were told this morning that for mid-range a 7 will get you 4.5%, used to be 6%, and was 7% before that. Will have to look at the chart but I'm guessing a 6 review is a bad joke raise wise, and you know how they love to give newhires sub 6 reviews. And a new wrinkle is that topped out couriers won't get a a 3% raise with at least a 5 review. They need a 7 to get that 3% now. But hey, the company is just trying to save us the pain of having spare change in our pocket.
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    I officially stopped caring about X this peak season. This is 100% due to the pay.
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    I don't think you're alone. A lot of people just went through the motions about "caring". It will be interesting to see how FedEx is going to recoup the amount of our raise, because whatever Fred giveth, Fred taketh away. I'll bet they have all sorts of ideas on how to make us more productive now that Peak is over and the union threat is very weak. Bendeth over.
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    I am hard pressed to believe anyone gives a crap about this company. 2nd biggest delivery company and we get treated worlds apart from the Big Brown Machine.