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    I Googled FAA reauthorization on Google News and found that Congress pushed it to next year. So no chance that the lame duck Congress will pass it and it's Express Employees Relief Act. So there we are. I really hope that rumor about the company coming up with a better pay plan is true.
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    My guess is that any improved pay plan is a carrot dangled until peak is over. After that, the carrot gets taken back because our maximum cooperation is no longer necessary. One of the usual excuses will be offered-up, like "Profits have not met expectations" or "New aircraft and vehicle purchases prevent pay increases". Same fecal matter reheated and served up lukewarm. The best we can hope for is a nationwide RLA vote. Fred has made a lot of employee enemies this year, perhaps even in states where he used to be able to count on anti-union sentiments prevailing. Even the most pro-FedEx zealots have to be choking on the crap they are dishing these days.

    "Thank you" Mr. Obama and all of you wussified Democrats who completely squandered away your advantage and :censored2:-off your voter base. "Great" job. You've done absolutely everything wrong when it comes to labor, and we will remember.
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    Remember...and squander your vote on...Ralph Nader?
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    "lukewarm fecal matter"?