fed ex to become teamsters?

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by parttimejon, Jun 28, 2003.

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    Fed ex is a non union company. Plenty of people in union states will only use union companys. instead of working against the teamsters why not use it as an advantage in your business. show people how being union can help your company. and put the pressure on fed ex to become union. Then they will have to pay their full time drivers better and their rates will have to come up. Then we have a level playing field.
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    <font size="+2"><font color="ff0000">WoW!!! no one has ever posted that idea on this site.!!!!! He he funny guy!</font></font>
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    April 1st was over 2 months ago but nice try anyway.
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    I have EMailed your post to Mike Eskew and Jimmy Hoffa. Amazing no-one has ever thought of that!
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    Any you wonder why you remain part time???
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    Show how the union can help your company? Are you kidding? Please tell me how they help UPS and any other company.
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    UPS Vette-

    That was pretty mean. (but funny)
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    i remain part-time because i have no senority BOSS but i wonder why you remain dumb
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    <font color="0000ff">The only people at Fed Ex that would like a union is probably the drivers. The part-timers are pretty much happy with the way things are for the most part. No job is perfect.</font>
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    "I remain part-time because I have no senority BOSS"

    For someone who doesn't have senority you expect a lot.

    You should wonder more about why you haven't acheived your goals in life rather than wonderng about other people. Perhaps that's why you're where you are.
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    see guys. this is the problem you people think ups is life when its only a job. when im gone it will still run just fine...when your gone it will run just fine also. Its only a job until im 48 and i have 30 years guys then life will begin. only 23 years left woooo
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    I'm a FedEx Home Delivery contractor. Union, you bet if anyone else had the nuts to do it!! I called Teamsters when I was with FedEx linehaul and they had no interest in helping us. The contractors at my terminal had just stopped withholding taxes and calling their drivers "independent contractors", BULL!! FedEx actually called me into TM office and asked me if I was "trying to organize the drivers". The TM was surprised when I said "You just broke the law. You can not ask me if I'm organizing!!" He didn't even know it was illegal. The contractors all united against me when I informed them that I was going to give each of their driver an SS-8 IRS form that determines independent contractor status and I hoped each one of the contractors got audited, charged with a felony tax evasion and lost their contracts. I'd be glad to take over their routes and pay their drivers a decent wage. FedEx makes it almost impossible to organize at Ground by keeping each contactor to only a few routes. Since drivers would have to unionize against their contractor not FedEx. The only way the terminal could organize is if the contractors voted and they are too scared too. Any thoughts?
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    Fred S would shut the doors before he let the Teamsters in.....FedEx can't afford to be a unionized company. They would have to raise their rates, like UPS!
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    Hey Mrfdx,
    In Hicksville NY, the Teamsters have been trying for years now to get the foot in the door at Fedex. I see them all the time at the West John Street terminal.The local has went as far as to send us all teamster letters telling us to try to help out any FDX driver and to act as a middle man.Why in GODS name would you put up such a crazy statement and say that the teamsters"dont care" Actually, if you go to our website, they actually pay us $100.00 for tips which result in organizing new members.local804ibt dot com
  15. upslocal480

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    <font color="0000ff">When I was hired at Fed Ex Ground(back when they were still allowed to hire UPS employees) I was talking to the HR guy and I asked him how long the wait was to get delivery route compared to my UPS and he told me how to buy or lease my own truck and that I'd have to buy a route and that I could be driving in just a couple of months. He explained that using contractors was how they would always keep the union out. Later in the day he took about 20 minutes to explain to the rest of the new hires in the class the ups and downs of unions and then used me as an example of why they (unions) were no good for Fed Ex Ground because I was going to have to work part-time 10 years at UPS before it was even worth signing a bid sheet to be a driver. I asked around about how to go about becomming one of those contractors and after finding out certain things I threw that idea out the window. Less $$, Maintenance is YOUR responsibility, Vacations? HA HA Good Luck! Talking about unions for drivers was a touchy issue there but with the part-timers it was actually commical. Most of us worked at UPS also. But there were also some that didn't. I can only base my opinion on the Fed Ex Ground I worked at and based on the opinions of the people I worked with I'd have to say that a union isn't wanted there. It was difficult to tell with the drivers though. Like I said...it was a touchy issue. </font>
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    As per my past post,I was talking about Fedex and the union NOT Fedex ground or the home dog delivery.I actually think the dog is pretty cute on the side of the truck. This weekend I saw a FDX ground truck at the home depot. He wasnt making a delivery he was doing a pickup. He was using his truck to drive a bunch of 2x4`s to his house I guess.Now thats another thing you can do if you buy your own route [​IMG]
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    I wish I owned my own delivery truck. I wouldn't have had to pay uhaul for moving expenses. I could have used the big bulk van, or even a Feeder to move and not pay anything but fuel. Then I could have used some rollers to roll all the packages into my house, instead of carrying them.
    Man, working for a company where one has to own their own delivery vehicle has its advantages.
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    yeah, it has its advantages if your moving every year...
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    Yeah!!! Wait until your Fdx truck breaks down with head gasket, brakes and maintenance problems.. Before I went into feeders, I myself had my pkg car route, I used to joke with the
    Fdx ground driver, where is your fdxground truck and why are you driving Ryder or U-haul truck for deliveries! That must of been costing him alot of leasing charges!! hehehe
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    <font color="0000ff">Some Fed Ex Ground facilities have very good trailer repair/feeder/package car shops that if used can be low cost in the long run. The better you take care of your truck the less visits to those shops you'll be making. Also...some places have sub par or no repair shops at all. Thats one thing that bugs me about UPS...how we supposedly have trailer repair shops but I haven't seen a trailer yet that hasn't looked like the rollers have been neglected for 30 years. </font>