Fedex copying UPS again...



I notice Frex is going to start driver releasing pkgs at residential homes without signatures now on the first attempt. Unless the shipper pays an extra fee for that particular 'signature required' option.

2005-05-27 18:00:03
FedEx Makes Deliveries More Convenient for Residential Customers, Introduces New Options for Recipient Signatures

FedEx Corporation (NYSE: FDX) announced today that FedEx Express will be making changes to its delivery signature policy in response to changing customer needs. These changes will allow FedEx Express to deliver more packages to residential customers without a recipient signature and complete deliveries on the first attempt. The changes will provide a more consistent experience for customers across the FedEx networks. These changes will only impact shipments within the United States.

"These changes reflect our commitment to constantly evolving our business to meet our customers varied and changing needs," said T. Michael Glenn, FedEx executive vice president, market development and corporate communications. "This evolution, like the introduction of Saturday delivery, will make residential shipping more convenient for our customers."

Beginning this summer, FedEx Express and FedEx Ground will also introduce three new fee-based Delivery Signature Options. The new options are designed to offer more delivery alternatives and meet the varying needs of shippers who seek greater flexibility for their transactions. The new signature options will become available on and in other selected FedEx electronic shipping devices later this summer. Customers will be notified prior to changes taking effect.

Beginning this fall, FedEx Express couriers will release residential packages without signatures unless one of the new Signature Options is selected. Deliveries to non-residential destinations will still require a signature unless the recipient or shipper waives that option. The change responds to requests by customers who have indicated that residential deliveries without a required signature are more convenient.

The new Delivery-Signature Options apply to U.S. Domestic FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipments only and include:

-- Indirect Signature Required (ISR): FedEx will obtain a signature in one of three ways: (1) from any person at the delivery address; or (2) from any person at a neighboring address; or (3) the recipient may leave a signed FedEx door tag authorizing release of the package without anyone present. Available for residential deliveries only.

-- Direct Signature Required (DSR): FedEx will obtain a signature from any person at the delivery address. DSR will replace FedEx Express Signature Required, FedEx Signature Home Delivery, FedEx Ground Auto POD and FedEx Home Delivery Auto POD. Available for both residential and non-residential deliveries.

-- Adult Signature Required (ASR): FedEx will obtain a signature from any person at least 21 years old (government-issued photo identification will be required) at the delivery address. Available for both residential and non-residential deliveries.


FedEx Firsts
Throughout its existence, FedEx has amassed an impressive list of "firsts," most notably for leading the industry in introducing new services for customers. Federal Express originated the Overnight Letter and was:

* the first transportation company dedicated to overnight package delivery
* the first to offer next-day delivery by 10:30 a.m.
* the first to offer Saturday delivery
* the first express company to offer time-definite service for freight
* the first in the industry with money-back guarantees and free proof of performance, services that now extend to its worldwide network

Being a "first" company resulted in many firsts for awards and honors, too. In 1990, Federal Express became the first company to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in the service category. It also received ISO 9001 registration for all of its worldwide operations in 1994, making it the first global express transportation company to receive simultaneous system-wide certification.

what has fedex express copied from ups??


How many packages a day does Fredex deliver compared to UPS? Thats right, go home and come back when you have a real job.(I think hes just got brown envy again, and hes alone on this long holiday weekend)


monte: FredEx just made it company policy for your ground drivers to driver release residential packages. They were already doing it without permission. UPS has been doing this for years.

By the way, where was that #11 car this weekend? I didn't see it on the track at Charlotte (except during qualifying).


there are many accounts that have residential release through the shipper whether it is with a release number on the pkg or if the sender signs the release portion of the airbill to allow us to leave it if the recipient isnt home. There are also customers who fill out the back of door tags allowing us to leave packages at the location without a signature. WE also get alot of medication and legal documents that require the recipient to sign for. WE cannot leave them under any circumstance, or indirect del to anyone other than the recipient. The only thing that will be new is that unless the sender pays extra for the P.O.D we will be able to leave pkgs on the first attempt.


So fred is going to abandon packages at the front door in the hood unless the customer pays extra?

Kind of extortion sounding.

Another fedex first.


got a question. I had ordered the Fedex express and Fedex kinko's 1:24 scale car from If UPS is the official delivery company of Nascar, how come you dont deliver there store merchandise? Both were delivered by the USPS. (that also means it was carried on a Fedex express aircraft)?
just thought it was weird.


think that would be a judgement call by the driver. there is a prompt in our tracker for unsecure location.


montecarlo11 asked "what has fedex express copied from ups??"

1. UPS first with 3 Day Select-Fedex introduced Express Saver
2. UPS first with Early AM-Fedex copied First Overnight
3. UPS first with distance based pricing-Fedex copied
4. UPS first with 2nd Day AM service-Fedex does not have
5. UPS first with driver release, signature capture service-Fedex copied
6. UPS first to capture signature of receiver electronically-Fedex does not have this
7. UPS first to have 2nd day delivery service (Blue Label Air). Fedex not in existence at this time
8. UPS first to offer service to Canada in 1975. Fedex went international in 1984.
9. UPS offers financing through its bank, UPS Capital. Fedex can not do this.
10. UPS offers return serivce of ground packages through their drop boxes-Fedex does not offer this
11. UPS begins worlds first air express service. Fred S not even born.
12. Ground service-Fedex bought RPS to compete with UPS
13. Retail service-Fedex bought Kinko's to compete with The UPS Store

Both good companies and competition helps them both, but you need to keep things in perspective in terms of "who came first."


UPS....retains its "triple A" credit rating while other companies are losing it right and left.


"* the first to offer Saturday delivery"

Saturday delivery a first at FredEx? I was delivering packages on Saturday for UPS in 1965! What was Fred doing then?


There's another 1st, UPS the first 'freight/courier' company to make the list of the '2005 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations'


Come on guys,we all have to get along with our fellow couriers.We both work for huge corporations that just want money.
Fedex has a better employee mngmt relationship
because they have no union .They have options for keeping the employee employed after they have a disagreement,ups on the other hand,will spend thousands of dollars going through the grievance,disciplanary action thing to get rid of you.


revenuerecovery was right when he said we were the first to unionize. Hopfully fed-ex employees will snap, and will unionize also. Look how close the people that work for UPS help each other out. If any fed-ex poeple read this, come and be a teamster member. We will welcome you with open arms! Make a better life for you, and your families.