Fedex copying UPS again...

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by switchoff, May 29, 2005.

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    Was Tom Hanks on each of the crashes----were these just different takes of the Best FedEx Commercial ever----- Castaways.......any way I am glad that there were no reported deaths in the FedEx Plane Crashes ....otherwise they would still be offering fish and chips at the Fed Ex Cafeteria at the Corporate office in Memphis!!

    So Monte----all of the FedEx planes were full----too bad you don't have some larger planes like UPS----are you still using the old planes that you bought from Flying Tigers----let's see:

    Flying Tigers
    Caliber (RPS-Viking)

    What else can I buy to stay competitive with UPS--- ??
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    Just fess up and apologizing for calling someone a fool when you were the one that was wrong.

    As the only "serious" injury of those seventeen individuals you stated was one hospitalization for some broken bones.
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    How stupid is Monte.

    I dont even work for Fed Ex and I know they havent had any fatalities(except for small/feeder/contractor aircraft).

    Monty should say sorry.
    I can not take anything Monte says seriously now.
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    Monte is lucky he didn't get scolded by Cheryl for his use of inappropriate language.
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    I apologize to you for the name calling and the misread information on my part. I had a few things open at once and had the "brown Cafe" window minimized to run a program. I apologize to you and anyone elese that I may have offended by my behavior. I do admit i was wrong but still dont see anything funny about an accident with an aircraft or a truck for that matter. Even though there were no lives lost in that photo, there could have been just as easily.
    again I apologize.
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    We still love you Monte!! (in a monther-in-law kind of way)
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    I like Monte becuase he argues with us with gusto, and uses facts when they benefit his view.

    Kind of like all of the rest of us!
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    He could actaully be a UPS manager.

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    thanks for the love guys. (i know irony loves me in a mother-in-law kind of way that is living under his roof, eating his food and watching his t.v.)