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  1. Crozz

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    So we heard a lot of back log in terminals and freight just sitting how's everything looking now.

    My terminal had a 2 contractors start out rough but cleaned it up and for the past week we have been getting dispatched by 8:00am and running smooth almost to good to be true. How is everyone else fairing?
  2. bacha29

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    Crozz: things will as you know will back off for a few days but if history holds true there will be atleast one more huge day. The next big worry will be how X will react in the terminals that went over budget. In those places that went over budget by having to spend their own money on temps and so called "cartage agents" will make it pretty rough on the contractors who refused to spend a resevoir full of money on extra assests when there was no quarantee they would recoup it. I wouldn't want to be one of those guys but I admire them for their unwillingness to bow to X and accept all the additional expense and risk X keeps trying to push off on to them. Again that's why "independent contractors" exist in the first place.
  3. STFXG

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    Peak day is Friday if I remember right. The only problem areas have been the hubs in CA and NJ, and the San Fran building. Weather has backed up some trailers but nothing too serious. No issues at all at my terminal.
  4. Crozz

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    Tomorrow and Friday stop count will be high package count won't be and IC should be all but gone. Today was a lot of small packages.
  5. Purplepackage

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    Isn't the ground cut off for Christmas the 17th? That's when they pack it in the express system
  6. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    I've been doing that for years. The added expense isn't worth it so I don't spend it.

    I've never had any backlash for it except to hearrive management insisting that I could have made more money. My response is that I made enough.

    NYCFXG Member

    On top of a heavy roll over that has been accumulating every day for the last two weeks. There was a major malfunction during the preload a few days ago that lead to our trucks only getting half their normal volume. The last 2 days we have had more volume shoved down our throats than is deliverable. Oh yeah.... and because they are trying to process so many packages to make up for when they broke the machine (by processing too many packages) they broke the sort again today.

    It's just unbelievable.
  8. serco

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    Terminal has been pretty light the last 2 days. Told the interstate was closed so trailers never made it to the sort. Gonna be fun Friday and Saturday.
  9. robdabanks

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    Not only are we making up for the all the :censored2: in NJ but now we are getting HD's overflow that they can't handle. It's a mess, terminal was still empty at 530
  10. bacha29

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    robdabanks: You along with all the other contractors and drivers need to speak with one voice(good luck with that) to make Ground and corporate understand that you will not be made to suffer at the hands of their enormous miscalculation.
  11. It will be fine

    It will be fine Well-Known Member

    It's pretty clear around these parts. Busy but manageable. I came back to the building at the same time as 2 of my guys at 17:00 a couple others were already in. One contractor crapped the bed yesterday with a couple hundred DNAs, but that's the biggest failure I've heard about.
  12. NYCFXG

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    120+ trucks in terminal. Maybe 50 were back at 20:00 when I logged out. 10am dispatch, 100% volume increase and steady rain all day made for impossible conditions. I personally delivered over 60 ICs out of a budget that my guys couldn't fit. Out of over 1400 packages we left behind 4 or 5. There were guys on my belt that left behind hundreds. It's a :censored2:show.
  13. gixxer squid

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    Welcome to our terminal....Guaranteed its nationwide, just not enough contractors who active participants on this board to report the nationwide failures.....
  14. NYCFXG

    NYCFXG Member

    We had a major malfunction on our sorting system a few days ago and were only able to process half of what we were supposed to get. Add that to the flood gates being opened up from the hub and you have an absolute disaster. They :censored2:ed up at the Hub, they :censored2:ed up in my terminal and they are expecting us to clean up their mess. They are having a meeting tomorrow to go over our performance and the DNAs from the last 2 days of packages being left behind. The best part is, the biggest contractors are suffering the most right now. I have early pick ups tomorrow and will only be taking what is feasible. We have all suffered enough. Clean up on Sat and Sunday.
  15. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    Sunday... i know of more than a handful are working today since they ran out of hours on Saturday. When i rolled in yesterday morning to pack my 225 stops, about 15 lines of pallets (out of 30) were untouched just on my belt!

    I fudged my on duty hours just to avoid this scenario, so i can relax today for this week's final push. Clocked out 23:15 and im still feeling the aches.

    It was true that those supplemental drivers with the rentals under 10k lbs are opted out of the DOT hours and they were pleading some of them to work on a sunday.

    Im in a 14k p700, i wasnt asked to come in today...yay
  16. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    We're basically clean here. Mondays have been tough but doable. Looking forward to a drop-off in the next couple days. Definitely a renewed appreciation for the effort put forth by my team with only a couple taps of the cattle prod.;)
  17. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    My ground opco driver couldn't handle the hd overflow on top of his B2B deliveries and is shifting some volume back to hd... ugh.

    And my crew on my part of the service area could have used 2 supplementals. But the 3 of us are getting lucky with servicing our area without having to use code 27 / DNAs.

    It may change this week if they try to go above 250 stops a day (my cap limit is 110 stops, formerly in a uhaul type box van )

    The saving grace is we're not going to see snow at all this week, ill be running in shorts!

    Plus working out of a stepvan instead of a boxvan increased my stops per hour dramatically. I would have failed to deliver 40-80 stops if i worked out of a boxvan.
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  18. robdabanks

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    I don't know how true it is, but I heard we are caught up and are only running 10 trailers on Monday. We will probably pay for it the rest of the week though.
  19. Purplepackage

    Purplepackage Well-Known Member

    I don't think you'll be super crushed this week, this is a big time for last minute shoppers and all the major retailers ship air to get it delivered by the 24th