FedEx Investors Beware

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. MrFedEx

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    Sell your stock now, before all of the revelations about this company go public. Your "investment" is about to take a dump.
  2. SmithBarney

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    Just sold mine yesterday.. ;)
  3. EffOff

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    There's been talk about Fedex Kinko's (sorry, OFFICE) actually making a profit this year. Ain't that grand? Of course, it came at the cost of overworking and underpaying the employees until every goddamn work day is 8 hours of misery, but oh well...
  4. LSX

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    First time post but I've been a lurker on here for a while now.

    I'm interested to read about the news. I've been monitoring the FedEx and UPS career boards for the past few weeks for open positions and even though I live near a large city, UPS hasn't been adding any new positions while FedEx has been adding 2-3 positions per day. I thought something may be up with so many spots coming open here recently.

    I just applied for 2 Courier DOT positions, wondering if I should ignore their call if I receive a follow up? :D
  5. Route 66

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    yes, most definitely. Treat it as you would any other obscene/terroristic phone call.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Take the position, if offered, but go in with your eyes wide open.
  7. ManInBrown

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    Today the courier position at FredEx is nothing but a dead end job. Don't even waste your time. Unless you are that desperate for a job. Wasted 10+ years of my life at FredEx.
  8. hypo hanna

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    It is not a long term proposition. This is not something you want to make a career out of. If you take the job you should not stop looking elsewhere for a job outside of fedex or going to school. it is not a job for someone with a family or outside commitments. In spite of what the recruiters and managers will tell you this is not a company that takes care of its employees. If a manager is speaking to you assume he is lying until it can be proven otherwise. Watch your backside at all times. Get things in writing and save those documents off site. Do not take risk even if your manager says they will back you up. Should it go wrong, you can expect to be sold out without hesitation. Go into it with your eyes open and Good luck.
  9. LSX

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    Wow, thanks for all the fast replies. Didn't mean to take it off the original subject :D

    I currently have a secure job but I've been browsing other jobs in the area should anything interesting come up. I average 60-70 hours a week out of town as an in home delivery guy, operating a 26,001+ Class B vehicle... I'm looking to possibly pick up a couple of P/T positions locally since I'm about to go back to school. I don't get upset easily and always trust but verify information I'm given. Part of the reason I looked at FedEx was because I thought they offered decent insurance/benefits. My current employer of 7 years is a large privately owned company with stupidly high monthly premiums for not so great insurance, so it doesn't take a lot to impress me at this moment. Whatever position(s) I take up won't be intended as careers, something to help pay the bills along with my wife's income until I land something more career friendly.

    I'm going to keep an eye out to see what this big news is before I decide :D

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    If you have a family FedEx has stupidly high premiums, about $400.
  11. SmithBarney

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    FedEx doesn't "OFFER" insurance, you buy it pure and simple. Despite what they say, it's mostly funded from employees.
  12. hypo hanna

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  13. Ricochet1a

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    Right there this tells me that Express won't work for you. A 'couple' of part-time jobs and going to school - Express has NO FLEXIBILITY when it comes to other employment or schooling. If you have a scheduling conflict - you are EXPECTED to make the other event which conflicts with Express scheduling 'go away'. Express considers itself to be 'primary', even for part-timers, even for part-timers going to school. If you want to work for Express, that is your number one priority in their eyes.

    I worked part-time while going to school.

    The benefit was that I had a fixed worked schedule that was easy to plan my class work around.

    The down side was that I couldn't just take unpaid time off if something came up. I couldn't take classes which conflicted with my work schedule in ANY WAY - and management wouldn't even think about altering work schedules to fit my needs. Their operational needs came FIRST - my needs second. As long as I arranged my life around the work schedule that I had (it was fixed, they didn't jerk it around), I ran into no problems.

    I ended up using my sick and personal days to accommodate the occasional need which conflicted with Express employment. We got 5 sick and 4 personal/floater days each year. I had to use them very carefully to facilitate my getting through my graduate program.

    Many part-timers in Express do have either another job, or are going to school. They have difficulty in getting time away from Express if their other commitment has something that would require them to spend a few days in 'training', or covering for a sick employee, or a short term internship.

    Express management has NO ISSUE with requiring part-timers to work outside their scheduled shift (especially in the 2 weeks before Christmas - they think they own you then), but if another employer has similar requirements of you - Express will give you no leeway.

    You can't schedule vacation to cover events at school or other employment to prevent conflicts. Vacation is 'bid' with all the other employees, and low seniority employees get whatever is left over. Since every station has Couriers going to school - the higher seniority Couriers will grab up vacation time that is around finals, spring break, or other times of the year when people going to school want time off.

    Working at Express slowed my progression towards completing my program by about a year - but I needed the insurance. The tuition reimbursement was a joke - that really doesn't act as an incentive anymore given tuition rates.

    If you are needing a 'full income' while going to school (2 part-time jobs), then Express WON'T work for you. Too many conflicts will arise and you will either end up quitting Express or getting fired for excessive tardiness (getting into work late from the other part-time job or school).