Feeder Supervisors missing in the Mountains.

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    Thoughts and prayers for a feeder supervisor who went missing last week in the mountains. No one has seen him since a week ago Monday. Nearing two weeks, so I'm afraid for the worse, but hoping for the best. They found his car and campsite this week, but no sign of him. I guess it snowed up there this week too, so it's making it hard to track him. I know he is married, but not sure if he has kids. Not a lot in the news, but there is a small story from a local television station. He is the man on the right in the photograph.

    Crews search for missing Arvada hiker | 9news.com
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    sad to see this, prayers out to him to be found alive, and his worried family..............
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    Not being an ass, but when ppl get lost in the mountains and something like this happens i cant help but think shouldn't they have found a better way to spend their time? I mean, i understand getting "close to nature" and all thaf rubbish, but there r a thousand other things one can do for fun and one where theres a good chance of u not returning and thus hurting your family... Idk...
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    Hope he's okay.
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    Camping and hiking are safe to do, but its best to use the buddy system in case something goes wrong. I hope that he is found.
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    Screw u Sleeve, i never said i hope he isnt ok. I do hope hes ok. I just think ppl need to think sbout their families and what could happen in the worst case scenario when they do stuff like this. Or use a buddy system at least, like stated above. Im just being blunt, i dont sugarcoat how i feel about something. If that makes me an ass in this overly sensitive, politically correct, butthurt world, then so be it.
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    A white guy with a life insurance policy- his wife will be well off. There's plenty of other people dying with no such benefits. Let's worry about them.
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    who :censored2: in your cheerios?
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    My prayers for this man and his family. I've been lost something similar in another country. Scariest thing ever happened to me.
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    I remember a story about a guy I. The last 5 years who got lost in the mountains. He got his arm stuck between a rock and hat to cut his arm off below the elbow. He survived. Keep the faith brother I will pray for him to come home. God bless.
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    Come on man. Where is your heart??
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    Like traveling through downtown detroit, chicago or miami?...WOW!
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    Option, and u ask that why?
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    About it being more dangerous and a better way to spend your time...I'll take my chances in the Mountains......Much better than the JUNGLE that is in the heart of those cities I LISTED
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    That's really sad, hope they find him.
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    Getting lost and getting hypothermia in the mountains can happen to the most experienced of hikers and outdoorsman !! Who cares how much insurance he has, or if he's white, black Chinese,pt sup ,driver or plumber for that matter !!! He's a guy in trouble who may or may not have done something stupid or not, he is in trouble and has a family deeply in stress right now and some comments on here are just immature and plain stupid !!
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    Sad story really is. Prayers go out to his family from the brown family.
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    ​Search and rescue teams have suspended their search for a missing hiker from Arvada.

    Mark Stice has been missing since last weekend. The search for him centered in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains near Westcliffe.

    His wife reported him missing after he didn't return from a camping and hiking trip on September 21.

    More than 800 man hours have been spent searching for Stice over the past eight days.

    Officials in Custer and Saguache counties suspended the search indefinitely at 3 p.m. on Sunday.