cap'n crunch
I came into feeders when we added a bunch of new drivers all at one time. I was only last in seniority for 5 hours. I did work coverage for a short time and hated it. I took the first bid job I could, just so I could have some regular hours. Sure, it was a suck job that 120 people passed on, but I took it. When I was on coverage, I'd get home, shower, eat a bite and fall into bed immediately. Wife and kids knew not to wake me up unless the house was on fire. My next door neighbor wouldn't mow his yard till I left for work. I used caller ID to let me know if I wanted to talk to the caller or not. I know dispatch is liable to call you 8 hours after you punch out, trying to get you to come right back in. You got to get your rest, no matter what.