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    Whenever the new contract is finally agreed to in all locals do new drivers that recently made book get back pay stemming from the old contract? I understand driver payrate in local 804 is going to start at 18.75 up from 16.10. I made book in January so I'm a bit confused due to the fact my progression will be 3 years to make top rate, yet a new hire will start at 18.75/ 4 yr progression once negotiations are hammered out. I'm currently at 17.25. Should I be receiving back pay eventually? Will I get a pay bump as well?
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    Your progression will almost certainly be 4 years. We have talked about this a few times on here. All financials are retroactive to August 1. Driver progression is considered a financial.
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    There is quite a bit of confusion regarding progression. Since we are under an extension of the old contract you should be under three year progression. Moving you to a four year is a violation of federal law as I was told by my BA. There are more threads on here with all the same questions you have.
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    If you are hired on or after Aug 1, you would be covered by the provisions of the new contract, which would include the four year progression.

    I hear there may be 200 FT driver positions open in 804 very soon.
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    Ain't gonna happen as you wished.