G.O.P. S. Carolina Debate

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. moreluck

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    Starts at 9 PM....eastern on Fox
  2. moreluck

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    One hour into the debate and I think Perry has done a great job. Newt has been getting some big applause and just got a standing ovation before the commercial. I think Newt is the winner of this debate so far.

    Santorum seems too 'in your face' at times and I don't like Ron Paul and his foreign policy. We'll see how it ends.
  3. toonertoo

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    Big foot hunters is on, so let me know how it ends................
  4. moreluck

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    1 1/2 hrs and I think Mitt and Newt tie......Perry 3rd
  5. The Other Side

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    The debate was very good, very good for the democrats that is. As all the clowns on stage continued to show the DEEP divide in what is a republican, they tear each other apart making all of them looking stupid.

    Each one of these morons wants to be to the right of the next guy and it is laughable at best. Romney gets upset, nervous and tries too hard to make a comeback worth noting. Romney cannot demonstrate that he is the strongest candidate, and he cant afford to lay back and let the field of stooges kill each other.

    The field has whittled down and he has to be able to separate himself from the others or continue to look like a flip flopping dummy.

    Santorums in your face tactics makes Romney looks weak! Romney sits there as Santorum dictates to him and demands answers... Santorum who is an extremist kook is able to rattle Romney with ease, and if Santorum can do that and he's an idiot, what do you think OBAMA is going to do to him??

    Newt is full of one liners and jokes. With a crowd of right wing morons, of course he will get a standing ovation. His positions on children in the workplace is pyscobabble, but the right wingers eat it up like candy. Its the kind of nonsense that they want to hear.

    Ron Paul was left out of this debate on purpose. FOXED SPEWS wasnt going to let him talk or get his positions out. He was limited and the focus stayed on santorum and Romney.

    Perry was full of staged one liners as well, but still comes off as a clone of George W. Bush only dumber (if thats possible) Perry will be out after SC and I will be glad to see that,. I cant handle another dumb cowboy talking into a microphone.

    Overall, this debate proves the republicans are imploding right in front of our eyes!

  6. moreluck

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    Well, the whole purpose of debates & primaries is to peel away the candidates and get down to just one.

    Ron Paul did get the chance to speak and it was the worst performance of his life.

    Newt had the his performance and maybe it's too late. Perry was great, but definitely too little too late.

    Overall,It went fast for me .
  7. toonertoo

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    I watched it in the middle of the night.
    I loved Newt. Probably too late, and I like the cowboy Perry, also too late.
    Thanks for posting More, or I would have missed it all.
  8. Newt had his best performance? Oh bloody hell, Americans really do get hyped up hearing fictional one liners from a sell out, eh? God help this world.

    All of them except Ron Paul,, did what they do best, make the money men happy by spewing bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. The public cheers them on, next they lose their job and whine. Great going!
  9. klein

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    Wow, Nationwide (Twitter) Paul did the best ! Nice ! :)
  10. moreluck

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    Twitter is not a reliable poll..........it's just the OWS crowd.
  11. klein

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    Nobody tweets to Fox News ?
  12. moreluck

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    How many of those tweets was from baby boomers?......a very big block of voters. I'm saying it's not a good sampling to make it an accurate poll. It's skewed!
  13. klein

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    Well, if they have time to tweet on political issues, you can be certain, they'll vote, too.
  14. moreluck

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    That's just it, they won't. However, it's a very good possibility that the people who don't tweet are faithful voters.

    The youth for Ron Paul only like him because he wants to legalize drugs.
  15. toonertoo

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    I dont know how to tweet. Barring comments from perviable nobodies, I would feel much safer with someone with a brain in charge, Even ron Paul. I can ignore the people who constantly bombard our threads. I can think for myself. I just scroll on by.
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  16. klein

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  17. av8torntn

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    I feel confident enough to say that probably isn't true. I would say that probably the biggest reason the younger crowd like him more than some of the others is because he claims he wants to undo some of the problems caused by the older generation. Besides I've heard it said somewhere before that the natural state of man is to be free. I think more and more people are also sick of having every aspect of their daily lives managed by a central government. Maybe that's it I dunno.
  18. klein

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    I honestly like Ron Pauls stand.
    These current clowns can't save 1.2 Trillion over 10 years, while overspending that same amount each year !
    Ron will clean up that mess in no time.
    You want your credit rating back ? Ron will have it within his first year !
    The US doesn't need to have enough weapons to destroy the world 200 times over !
    And they certainly don't need to be a war procastinator, either.

    Foreign aid to poor countries in Africa and Haiti in need is great - but to rich countries like Libya, Israel even Pakistan is just nuts !

    The other thing I love about Ron is, he has never changed his opinion. Romney is the expert in that one ! Who knows where Romney really stands ? No one !
    Anybody that votes for Romney, might as well move to Vegas and gamble for the next 4 years (if he's elected) !
  19. klein

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    Look at this crap (and I believe Isreal was the 3rd nation to have nukes, after USA and Russia) :

    Israel has long declined to confirm or deny having the bomb as part of a "strategic ambiguity" policy that it says fends off numerically superior Arab enemies. But Arabs and Iran see a double standard in US policy in the region. By not declaring itself to be nuclear-armed, Israel gets round a US ban on funding countries that proliferate weapons of mass destruction. It can thus enjoy more than $2bn (£1.02bn) a year in military and other aid from Washington.

    Israel possesses enough nuclear weapons to destroy every major Middle Eastern city several times over. Like the U.S. and Russia, the Israeli nuclear threat is based on a triad of delivery systems: long-range bombers, ballistic missiles and submarines, with which it can target all of Europe and the Middle East, and much of Asia and Africa