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    Just another friendly reminder for all of you. Anytime you have any issue whatsoever with management, ie. on-road performance, accidents/occurrences, pay discrepancies, etc., request management's /HR's response in writing and nothing else. Otherwise management and HR can always claim they said otherwise - and they will do so as a team (which they are, after all). It is also best that issues you have are addressed by you in writing as well, so they cannot dispute what you said in your writing vs. just going to them and complaining and them making up lies about you/forgetting what you said. Send an email through your workplace email and forward it to your personal email/print it out so YOU have a record. These people will not look out for you and they do not care about you.
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    Be careful. When I've told people to do the same thing, several of the usual suspects took issue with it. Great advice, though.

    Another bit of advice -- when you call HR, don't leave a message when it goes to voicemail. Our HR rep will NOT pick up the phone if the call isn't from someone she knows. When you leave a message, she will contact your manager (or SM, or whomever) to find out what's going on. She'll contact you the next day and talk to you about it after they've circled the wagons.

    If you call and call and call and get no answer, you call your HR rep's manager and explain that you have an issue that needs attention but your HR rep never answers the phone. An email to the MD stating the same wouldn't hurt.

    Another option is to not discuss it with your manager if you can help it. Contact HR first and leave a message if you want. HR will call your manager, who has no idea what you're issue is.

    It is HR's duty to talk to all involved parties and get the complete story, but there is no reason why he or she can't talk to you without first consulting with your boss.
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    Wow Dano.. Actually good advice from you.. What came over you there??
  4. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    It's the same kind of advice I always offer you fine folks.
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    Writing to the MD is a great way to get anything addressed that you need to be addressed and likely get a lot of people between you and them tarred and feathered. Consider that one a last resort. I agree with Dano though; always speak to HR directly instead of sending emails or leaving voicemails.
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    For once with you, I will agree with the underlined portion. Guys, just remember that HR isn't your friend at Fedex period. I'm saying this mostly to newhires.
  7. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    Sometimes that's exactly what is needed. An MD is not happy to get these emails because some combination of the OM, SM, and HR rep should have handled the issue. If you go that route, include a clear explanation for doing so.
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    Can I get it in writing that you're a company tool? This company is in total cluster mode right now, and your "advice" is fairly meaningless. I would agree, however, that an email is always preferential to a voicemail, and that any written/electronic communication should be copied and/or forwarded to several people.

    Like I said. CLUSTER.
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    When do you not say that?
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    It was my advice not his. Don't give him credit lol.