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    I am curious how often people at other centers leave before working their 3.5 guaranteed hrs. Some of my co-workers leave before 3.5hrs. I was told a few years ago before I started it was 3hrs guaranteed, hope it doesn't change back because people are leaving early! Thanks for you response
  2. TearsInRain

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    we have our starts scheduled so that's never an issue

    the most i have to worry about is high-seniority people wanting to go home when we have excess staffing

    if every single person in the facility demanded their 3.5 my center manager would have a meltdown and i'd put on the popcorn
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    I hear it's 3.5 gauranteed. proloaders talking about it all the time.
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    It depends on your area some are not 3.5 or so I have heard. IN my building a lot of unloaders and sorters leave before 3.5.
    And yes I am a proloader thank you:funny:
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    Sorry evilleace, I meant to write preloaders, lol
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    It's 3.5 in the NMA under article 22 section 5. There may be supplements that have it at 3. If you're unsure ask your steward. Whatever the guarantee is you need to ask for it to get it, if work is light and they say you can leave before that time you waive your right if you don't ask for more time.
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    Here it is a 3.5 guarantee. Saying that, if you leave voluntarily before your 3.5 than you are not guaranteed your 3.5. But if you are TOLD to leave before 3.5 than you are guaranteed 3.5.
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    No problems with 3.5 guarantee on the local sort. Our trouble is in the preload. Hardly anyone wants to work 3.5 . They're just there for the benefits. Lots of full time students and people with full time jobs or business owners...(Yes business owners with employees) Management struggles to maintain full staffing due to turnover, sick calls and no shows.

    3 drivers have early start times to help out and management doesn't handle packages unless absolutely necessary. I was called early yesterday and asked to come in, started at 0730.
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    Same management problems here. Trouble is, if you treated the kids with dignity and respect, I bet they would stay. Preload sup has three personalities and dispatcher is just a jerk. A different approach to these poor kids who are slaving away at a breakneck pace and being told how worthless they are, being written up for 1 misload out of 2000 packages. Fired, but we need you tomorrow. Don't feel sorry for the sups in my building that create the mess they have to deal with.