H1N1/Swine Flu What are You Doing to Protect Yourself?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by outta hours, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. stevetheupsguy

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    Damned Candainian's.....*HIC*!:wink2:
  2. Mike23

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    Or not ENOUGH to drink! :happy-very:
  3. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    I totally agree with you there.
    I have never taken a flu shot either, and I'm in the late 40's...

    Don't think I wanna miss up my human system now.
    If I was 20, maybe.
    But, adding something strange to my blood stream (and body) on purpose.
    Sounds just too scary for me.
  4. stevetheupsguy

    stevetheupsguy sʇǝʌǝʇɥǝndsƃnʎ

    Molson anyone?:surprised:
  5. klein

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    You know what Steve ?
    I was soo much with you when you were trying to buy that house.
    Congraduated you and so on.
    Then, it didn't fall thru.
    And, I had lots of sympathy for you, saying it was just the wrong timing (after the housing and credit crunch), and telling you, by next year, you'll qualify.

    So, what have I actually done wrong to you ?

    I came across a few postings of yours, and all you wanna do is downgrade me.

    Did you get some rep points in the past for doing so ?
    Or what else is your problem ?

    You're getting me to the point now, that I wish, you pay rent for the rest of your life.
    But, actually, I don't wish that to anyone.
    So, get your life together before you bash mine, please.
  6. kingOFchester

    kingOFchester Well-Known Member

    Close to home......

    My daughter's school was closed Yesterday due to Swine flu. 3 cases. 38% of the school had called out with flu like symptoms. Suppose to re-open Monday.
  7. stevetheupsguy

    stevetheupsguy sʇǝʌǝʇɥǝndsƃnʎ

    Klein.....it was a joke. Must have lost it somewhere in the translation. If you set em up, they'll be spiked. Either by me or some one else. Not a Klein hater, by no means.:happy2:

    It's running through the schools here too. No closures, though many classes are half full.
  8. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    That's where it spreads the fastest. Keep those sick kids home!

    The problem then becomes "Do I keep my healthy child home to prevent him catching it?"

    If only Obama had done more to get those vaccines here a little sooner....
  9. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    095, you were among 3 countries that got it, same day, the very first !

    We are still waiting here until November.
    Mind you, ours is a different shot then yours.
    An upgraded one (incase the virus has somewaht of a differnet structure from last years, and it also doesn't require a second shot).

    But, you were the first to get it.
    I can even send you a news clip about that.
  10. toonertoo

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    I will continue to wash my hands after restroom breaks, and let the dirt from my truck kill the germs the rest of the day, my hands are always filthy, a germ would die. I do have sanitizing wipes which I have always used for sick people, chicken wing grease and too many body oils some people use.
    Anyone on steroids is also at risk as the only time I ever got sick was after I went off prednisone, I mean sick for a long time. Other than that good to go.
  11. BrownArmy

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    Let's put this into perspective...

    The regular annual flu kills approximately 36,000 people every year.

    I think health officials were worried about the H1N1 because it was (is?) potentially more contagious than the regular flu, but again, for most people that get the H1N1, it's just a bad-***** flu.

    Basic hand-washing hygiene, good coughing/sneezing etiquette, end of story.
  12. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    The H1N1 is killing more children than the seasonal flu. 19 last week, most had other issues, but 6 were normal healthy kids.
    Scary stuff.
  13. hondo

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    It appears that some time in the past, a milder or similar form of the H1N1 virus passed through the population, and those exposed to it have built up some immunity. It seems to be most dangerous to children and pregnant women.
  14. stevetheupsguy

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    Describe "Normal" and "Healthy" for me please?
  15. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Of the 19 children that died of H1N1 last week, 6 were otherwise healthy. The others had underlying medical conditions. "Normal" and "Healthy" are words used by me to describe children with no underlying medical conditions.
  16. stevetheupsguy

    stevetheupsguy sʇǝʌǝʇɥǝndsƃnʎ

    But that doesn't mean they weren't already sick. There's a lot more funk out there than pigitis, ya know. If you have a smidge of the funk and then get you some of that pigitis, that could be severe.

    *Note to 9/5, The Funk and Pigitis are my words and the patent is pending.:wink2:
  17. over9five

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    Note to self: Do not combine The Funk © with Pigitis©.
  18. stevetheupsguy

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    Here's another note for ya. How's about bringing the whole family on the cruise, now that the price is dropping? You guys can all bang out for that week.:surprised:
  19. over9five

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    I'd really like to do that.
    However, I really shouldn't.
    Y'all shouldn't tempt me either.
    Great times I'll surely miss.
  20. stevetheupsguy

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    Okay, Okay, I won't tempt you anymore. By the way, I need your Wife and Children's phone numbers.:wink2: