Has anybody even drove new tractors with UPS FREIGHT!!

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by sothpaw, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. sothpaw

    sothpaw New Member

    Have not even seen a tractor and I am in Texas and I have only seen pups no vans. When is it coming?
  2. southerngrits

    southerngrits UPSFreight Greenville SC

    here in gvl we have last count 6 local upsfreight vans for the city and we have 5 rebranded volvo's... I have seen 2 "new" vans here but are gone already, and we just received a "new" volvo yesterday branded and on the road already. according to my TM, the sign outfrount has been ordered and should arrive soon. 2 weeks ago we started using the diad4 and it is going pretty smooth. only thing is we still have paperwork, soit's kinda like double the work... our mechanics shop has been painted brown and gray and our crossdock should be soon.. so sorry for you guys being left a little behind (it's not right) but we have been seeing the change rather rapidly in GVL
    1 small input here to the timelyness though, we were voted service center of the year for our region last year, that may have something to do with us moving more rapidly.. don't really know.... last I thought, we were all in this together
  3. sothpaw

    sothpaw New Member

    WOW I am new to UPS Freight and i am in SNT and we just started our badges last week they told us it will be 2 more months for the DIADS. The only UPS freight stuff we have seen is our uniforms!!!!!
  4. masters child

    masters child New Member

    i am thinking of going to work for upsfreight what is the average miles a team runs a week.
  5. any122

    any122 adirondack man

    About4to6000 miles
  6. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    send uniform pics!
  7. 30andout

    30andout New Member

    I bet there BROWN.
  8. STLFeeder

    STLFeeder Need LS7 powered PKG car

    UPS Pressroom: UPS Freight LTL and Truckload
  9. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    A white ups shirt...imagine this after one day ad pkg driver!!!
  10. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    A WHITE SHIRT!!!.....Imagine this after 4 hours of preloading,or 12 hours as package driver.
  11. sothpaw

    sothpaw New Member

    Those are really nice trucks probaly will not be until 2 years until we see those things and probaly already have 500000 miles on them
  12. any122

    any122 adirondack man

    they are gray not white.
  13. Dallas has lots of New equip., its on its way , I like the new Dollys , there light and easy to unhook without getting grease all over the place
  14. Please Don't be so Negative, Change takes time , you'll get yours ,wait your turn it will come, if you don't retire first
  15. local776

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    hrs sure have
  16. cook32nd

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    What's the difference between UPS and UPS Freight? It's all the same company right, or are the benefits the same or do they very from each other?
  17. Buckethead

    Buckethead Member

    Big difference between the two.UPS Freight is a subsidiary of UPS.

    Benefits and pay are very different.
  18. Enigma

    Enigma More stops than Santa

    12 hours?? The state of my package car it would take an hour tops to turn it brown:lol:
  19. :lol:
    What part of TX, their every where, i Have been in daycabs and sleeper trks ,they pull great , at 65, yes they are neutered, and the Botton of the line, but what did you expect?:thumbup1:
  20. shenandoah

    shenandoah New Member

    I work in tupelo,ms and we have a new tractor and van ! we will be good if we leave the union out !!!