Helpers starting here next week.


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Use of a helper is ultimately at our discretion. They can force us to pick them up, but not how long we keep them. They listen to me now as to whether I need them or not because the last time they tried to force me to use them when I didn't need them I kept them for 45 minutes and dropped them off and went through 3 helpers in 8 days.

Then when they load me up where I actually can use the helper and the paper says helper authorized hours: 2.4356437 hours, I always keep them as long as I need them and they've never said a word to me.

eats packages

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As long as they can get out of the chair, stand by the tire, then get back into the chair.
And do absoutely nothing else notable.


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I would appreciate it if you drivers would stop kicking your helpers out because you're anti social.