1. BestMgrEver

    Helpers starting here next week.

    I would appreciate it if you drivers would stop kicking your helpers out because you're anti social.
  2. EJJ

    Transferring to another center

    ive been commuting over 2 hours everyday and I just recently had my son. Does anybody know how I can transfer to another hub with having to wait on the transfer waiting list so I can get to a closer location?
  3. Dracula

    Feeder Hours

    Has anyone in feeders lost hours, due to gypsies working?
  4. R

    Seasonal driver, little hours....

    As a seasonal driver is it normal to only work 2 or 3 days a week? I worked 40 plus last week then this week no work monday or today. What gives??
  5. Wally

    Feeders the dog

    Is Feeders a bit puggy?
  6. Brownslave688

    A record weekend

    so online sales were up over 18% on Black Friday and estimates for cyber Monday are for it to be up 16%+. But don't worry guys we won't be that busy. UPS estimates volume to be up about 5% this year..... If only there was a definitive trend we could see.
  7. worldwide

    UPS Delivery Driver Ambushed

    Be careful out there... Police: Package pirate pilfered parcels from UPS truck
  8. Jasoonis

    Here we go again. Forced Six Punches and working as helper after 60Hrs.

    It's that time of year again when the Union disappears and management gets to run wild. Those who have Saturday ground operations will know what I am talking about. I don't need any snarky remarks, save them please. I have a few simple questions. 1) Where in the contract does it state that we...
  9. H

    I applied for a driver why I change to be sesonal helper

    I went to interviewed on Monday. And everything is okay HR told me He will call me back after Background checked done right now I have to file about tax from in the website. But in the website shows me that my position is sesonal helper. I think I applied for a driver because when When I get...
  10. Mayor of Browntown

    Perm PT Package handler to Driver helper for peak

    I was hired as a permanently PT package handler and work in Irregs inside the hub for day sort. Can I become a driver helper just during peak and then go back to PH?
  11. M

    We’re being told that they are having trouble finding helpers...

    Lmao. Like I care. Guess I’ll be running out of hours Friday morning this peak. Not my problem. “If you know anyone that is interested, better get them to work with you this peak otherwise it will be 300-400stops a day by yourself” nah that’s OK. Your job is to hire. gotta love it. Like I’m...
  12. silverbullet2893

    Driver helper

    No this isn't another dumb question like "will I be considered for a driver position" or anything like that......I'm sure I'll still get slammed the same as if it were a dumb question. But I just wanted to say thank you to the drivers out there that make this position fun and exciting. *bring on...
  13. Northbaypkg

    Driver/Driver teams

    Any other center doing this? Starting this week instead of using off the street/hub workers we are using drivers as helpers. For me it's the best thing ever. He not only knows the DIAD unlike most helpers, buy also knows my route. So we can destroy a bricked out truck like it's a 9.5...
  14. toonertoo

    For all new hires, go here (on topic)

    I am going to try to compile a faq page for all new hires. New UPSers, feel free to post your questions here in this thread if you haven't found your answer elsewhere.
  15. Wally

    Wally's Primer on Common Helper Psychological Haplotypes and Personalities

    After many years of working with Drivers Helpers, I feel comfortable in sharing some observations. Patterns suggest we can group them into key groups. Of course, I'm not a psychologist, nor, do I play one on TV, however, having said that, here are my observations in no special order. The...