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Discussion in 'UPSers International' started by internetuser, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. internetuser

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    Just found the web. Great to see so many US UPS people's discussion here. You are 'Very brown'. I have been in this company for one year and a half and experienced a lot...good and bad. Greeting!
  2. internetuser

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    I would like to know how do you guys rate UPS generally?
  3. 30andout

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    Not a bad place to work, if you can ignore or stay away from all the b.s.Hope you have bulls in China.:lol:
  4. internetuser

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    hello 30andout, what do you mean B. S. ?bastards? bulls mean a lot of money?
  5. over9five

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    As they say in all the Lethal Weapon movies edited for TV...

    "BULL SPIT"!!!!
  6. scratch

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    Welcome Internetuser,

    Its good to hear from someone in China. No, 30andout meant "bull manure" using the initials "BS". What he means is extra work or harassment on the job, which sometimes means more money!
  7. cheryl

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    Welcome internetuser. I'm interested to find out about your experience with UPS in China.
  8. internetuser

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    Thanks for your explanation. Very interesting!

    I personally fancy UPS brand and its history. However, I feel there are serious problems with the middle management. Issue handling efficiency is very slow and solving procedure being complicated by different departments. some department heads abuse their authority while higher level can not see. They don't care about the business , all they care ; their career, their position, their salary. People with strong capability can not find their own way here and leave. Performance doesn't mean you are good in immediate supervisor's eyes.
    Of course, UPS also has many good factors. The policies and disciplines. however, these are not clear to many associates.

    I am also considering to leave recently.
  9. STLFeeder

    STLFeeder Need LS7 powered PKG car

    Does not sound very different from what we put up with over here.

    Welcome to the club brother.
  10. internetuser

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    difficult to stay away from B. S. facing bulls from above without an umbrella all the time :)
  11. STLFeeder

    STLFeeder Need LS7 powered PKG car

    Yep the S..T rolls down hill.
  12. internetuser

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    btw, i work as strategic account executive covering Northern China. Do you know how large the area is and how many cities here, only one SAE and one PCA to deal with 190 accounts here. terrible workload.
  13. sendagain

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    Great, we have this great potential to gain business in the largest emerging market in the world, and we hire one person to cover northern China. This does not produce much confidence in me concerning the management of the company.

    What do you think boys, is it time to cut and run with our stock?
  14. over9five

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    "..is it time to cut and run with our stock?"

    Just get rid of it by early 2008. You'll be able to buy it back real cheap in August.
  15. ExupserNaples

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    You know it is truly amazing when I read these posts. They cant even get it right on the other side of the world in a HUGE market. Sometimes I miss the good days I had with a decent dispatch and a realistic chance to get home by sunset. But the last 5 years I was there it was getting worse and worse, and I left before the pas ed thing really screwed everything up. I appreciate this site reminding me how Happy I am now. Oh well at least I was in a non-bonus center.:thumbup1: