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Discussion in 'UPSers International' started by stu_bo, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. stu_bo

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    Just found this website, amazed to see such similar ways of thinking re UPS. Here in the UK we are led to believe that UPS USA is what we have to aspire to. I've worked with the company for many a year and seen many highs and very many lows, but all in all I think we're getting there! Anyway, time for bed. must be up bright and early to sort out the back of my van, sorry, package car.
    Will check website couple of times a week with interest. Isn't the world a small place!:cool:
  2. disneyworld

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    Do you know where I can find Ian Mackenzie?
  3. DS

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    Its great to have someone NOT from america talk to us here....its rare and we gotta chat sometime...and disneyworld theres more Mckenzies in Britain than Singhs in Pakistan
  4. disneyworld

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    I AM from America and I know about the Mckenzies,I was quoting the commercial. My parents are from Scotland,only one relative in this country and I have an uncle in Toronto.
  5. ikoi62

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    hey stu_bo...welcome!
    tell us about you..how long have you been with UPS
    what kind of truck you drive.. how many stops you do.. all the good stuff..:cool:
  6. ade34

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    I hope you wont be late? I'll be watching...
    See you at work :lol: :lol: :thumbup1:

  7. retired2000

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    stu great to hear from you keep coming back
  8. stu_bo

    stu_bo uk_upser

    In answer to your question ive been with UPS 19 yrs !!!!!!! Still a driver but loving it!!!!!!! Spose im what you call a day 1er. (Is that right?) Approx 100 stops a day in one post code (zip code) and very rarely get a full hours break (are you reading this gaffer?) Gone up 2 trouser sizes but working on it!!! Love football (soccer). No real time for other interests. Thankyou UPS. Joking apart still enjoy job as im sure we all do really. And thats all you need to know about me. Finally re famous people starting their careers at UPS. We used to have Halle Berry pre loading my van before she became famous. Hang on that could have been a dream !!!!!!!!!!!! BYE BYE FOR NOW. :w00t:
  9. stu_bo

    stu_bo uk_upser

    Whats the obsession with McKenzies and the UK? Am I missing the point? I think you will find Smiths and Jones are certainly more common over here. McKenzies are mainly to be found north of the border (Scotland for the uneducated of you out there :)). If I am missing an in joke I apologise and await an explanation. Im sure there must be one. :thumbup1:
  10. dannyboy

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    THe only McKenzie joke I know has sheep in it, and not really appropriate for this forum.:wink:

    Welcome to the best UPSers site in the world. Kinda slow at times, but we do like to keep things interesting. And talk about differing viewpoints, you will get them here.

    Again, welcome aboard!

  11. scratch

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    Hi Stu_bo,

    Thanks for dropping in at the Brown Cafe. Its interesting to hear from our overseas brothers in Brown. Lately when I check the "Who's On-line" link, I see a few people from all parts of the world logged on. Somebody will correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the "Ian McKenzie" reference is to a TV commercial several years ago, when a UPS driver is looking for someone in a U.K. small town pub.:wink:
  12. over9five

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    "..when a UPS driver is looking for someone in a U.K. small town pub."

    OK, now I remember it!
  13. disneyworld

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    Everybody in Scotland is named Ian and Margaret.