Hoffa Jr's and Dennis Taylor's hidden agenda revealed!


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Vote out the guy who forced this terrible contract. And all of his cronies.

What's your solution? Bitch and complain about part timers on BC.
That'll do wonders.
OK, he gets nominated at the next convention (if he even runs) which means elected delegates must vote for him there. Which was my point.
Where did I ever complain about part timers?


Fight the power.
I thought they were pushing it through due to lack of spine.

Foamer Pyle

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Then how come we tried to get more people to vote than any contract in the history of UPS and the Teamsters. Can you honestly say that you ever saw more information out there to inform the members to vote? You need to understand the reality that is that the contract has passed. We would love it if everyone Ofer and we tried to make it as easy as humanly possible. The only catch is that members either make to much money to care or had something else to do. Ups Freight did not have this problem. Instead of spending all your free time on this inter webs site you should have made sure actual members voted. Instead of super long winded posts that you are known for.
This entire contract was a scam, and jammed down our throat. The part timers never vote, and the union knows it. As far as i am concerned, the Union has turned its back on its members. Don’t be surprised by the masses that will be opting out of dues.