Holes in IBT Financial Report Raise Questions




Missing Money, Missing Members
The International Unions financial report for 2002 is now out, and it reveals some shocking irregularities. Teamster members are entitled to honest answers to the troubling questions that are raised by the report.

Record Loss of Members
The report states that our union suffered the largest net loss in membership in history. According to the unions own documents, Teamster membership fell from 1,398,000 to 1,350,000 in just one year a net loss of 48,000 members. In the mid-1990s our union started to grow once again. Then, after Hoffa took office, small losses in membership came each year. Now this enormous loss. Members deserve a full explanation.

Record Loss of Money
The report states that our net assets fell by $61 million in 2002 the same year as the largest dues increase in Teamster history. The $61 million budget deficit is so astronomical as to draw into question the accuracy of the whole report. Did the IBT really lose this unbelievable sum? Or did our General President and Secretary-Treasurer sign financial documents that are inaccurate? Either way, members deserve a full explanation.

Record Boost in Housing Perks
The report reflects that three top officials dramatically hiked their housing allowance. Secretary-Treasurer Keegel received $42,000, James Hoffa took $30,000 and Hoffas assistant Carlo Scalf bagged $28,000. This housing allowance comes on top of the more than $200,000 that they each take home from our dues money.

When Hoffa and Keegel ran for office, they bragged that they would sell the condominiums the IBT used to provide housing to some officials. (Ron Carey paid for his own housing). Hoffa and Keegel followed through on that promise. So now our union officers live in fancy D.C. hotels with our union dues picking up the tab!

Our union could buy a house or condo for each of these officials at a great savings. Members deserve an explanation for this crazy practice.

Fraudulent Reporting
Once again, Hoffa and Keegel signed a financial report that under counts the number of Hoffa administration officials who receive multiple union salaries. This is the fourth consecutive year that Hoffa and Keegel have misreported these facts to the members and the Department of Labor.

TDU Is Teamsters Taking Action
Members have a right to the straight story about how our dues money is being spent. TDU will be investigating and we will ensure that members get the facts on our unions finances even if that takes legal action.

TDU will also publish, after extensive research, our annual $100,000 Club report with detailed information on our unions finances, including a complete list of all Teamster officials who take home more than $100,000 a year in union salaries.

Note: This information derived from the LM-2 financial report for 2002 filed by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters with the U.S. Department of Labor. (This form is available at http://www.dol.gov/olms/regs/compliance/rrlo/lmrda.htm ; however at the present time the Labor Department still has the form for 2001 posted.)


I heard we lost quite a few after the last strike threat, and even more after the two week strike. Shame.