How does this make sense?

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  1. nineyearsUGH

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    On our preload, the company runs us loaders with much higher volume of pkgs than we've ever seen. Despite this, they tell us we are not "making our numbers."
    This week, they had two 22.3s pull 10 cars (one at a time) on the inside of the belts and wash them--during the shift. The loaders had to stack while their cars were being washed. How does this help productivity?
    To top it off my driver complained that his lock froze, this being winter and all.
  2. iowa boy

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    The numbers game is the standard operating procedure with preloads every where. As for the washing, doesn't make a lot of sense to wash them on the preload, but with the some of the decision making processes' that are taking place right now, it doesn't surprise me in the least.
  3. ups79

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    Whats really bad is when the car washers leave the drivers door open without bagging the seat.
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    Have you forgot you work for UPS that should explain everything
  5. gonna have to go ahead and agree with upsguy72, whether you're making your numbers or not, people high above you and I will always want more
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    One time a soup told me to grab an empty package car from outside and park it on the belt next to a full brownie. Then transfer the packages from the full car to the empty car. Then take the now full car outside and transfer them to an empty 40 footer.
  7. UnsurePost

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    Then bring the 40 footer in and unload it onto the primary return belt? :D