How many people really read the contract. Just wondering

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  1. After wondering around this site for a while it occurred to me that quite a few posters have never bothered to read either the old contract or the new one. In my facility I get asked questions everyday that are spelled out in the contract. I have Hard copies(written on paper for those who do not know) all around my facility as well as a card with a web address on where to find an internet posted copy of the contract. I do not mind answering questions but at least make half an attempt to read the contract before asking them.
    An informed work force will make our Union much stronger and I am just a bit disappointed at the lack of particaption of our members in knowing what their rights are.

    What do you think ?
  2. upschuck

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    I've had people laugh at me and get me other reading material because I read the contracts during breaks. I've read it several times through. Funny how people come to me when they have questions, and I'm not even a steward, though I act like one sometimes.
  3. I agree with you but not everyone has a copy nor will they take the time to use the internet. They would rather just come to one of us who know the answer to there question. I don't mind

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    Well, only 20% actually voted on this crap contract. Only reason it passed. Most part time work force don't even bother. There are a few on this site who do have knowledge about it. I also bet most voted NO.. Myself ----I have never voted yes on a contract. Being a former casual is my reasoning.
  5. You seem very confident in yourself. That's good.
  6. Wally

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    Reading is hard! One in Four don't even know that the earth revolves around the sun, never-mind reading their contract.
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  7. 1989

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    Truck drivers can't read.
  8. brownmonster

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    I have a copy on my kindle. I read it every night.
  9. barnyard

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    Since I have worked for UPS, every contract has been available within a month of it passing. Someone from the local brings a couple of cartons of contract books and encourages us to take one and read it. I have always taken advantage of that and read it too. I think it is interesting to read and also shows why it is important to have lawyers on our side of the table during negotiations.

    I would guess that the number of topics on BC would be cut by 50% if members read their contract or asked their own shop steward before posting here. It is also funny to me, how many people will respond, not knowing if the poster is covered under the same supplement or even how many people do not know that we work under different supplements.
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  10. upschuck

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    Then the whole board would be filled with innuendo and nonsensical posts.
  11. snookbunny420

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    i read the contract every day, right before i use it to wipe my a@#.
  12. barnyard

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  13. bbsam

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    I know I am not a Teamster and never read the contract when I was, but since that time I have entered into many contracts. The one thing I am sure of is that a contract between a company and workforce is never 100% clear nor is it meant to be. It is written in legal terms with generalities and grey area to be determined at a later date by the companies lawyers. The union may object, but by that time the waters are muddied, red tape abounds and the company proceeds as it wishes. If this were not the case, would there be so many grievances filed? Didn't UPS abuse the entire issue of 22.3 drivers in every way possible and always to their benefit?
  14. barnyard

    barnyard KTM rider Staff Member

    They did. In many of the instances, their lawyers saved them by inserting, "local business conditions may require......"

    There are many articles in the contract that include language that can be interpreted differently. That is to both sides advantage, as it leaves it up to a judge and who can sweet talk their side the best.
  15. upschuck

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  16. Monkey Butt

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    I never read it in 35 years in management.
    I always ran stuff by the Labor group if it affected operations Teamster employees.

    Stuff got shot down a couple of times.
  17. barnyard

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    I could have been editing as you were quoting.

    I posted and then went back within 2 minutes and fixed it.

    QKRSTKR Active Member

    I don't think driver sups ever read the contract. The company likes to keep them ignorant. Most center manager don't know :censored2: either. Labor manager knows his stuff very well.
  19. bottomups

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    Was a steward for years before bidding a satellite route. Union didn't find much need for a steward that had his own center. Still get many calls from members regarding the contract and do what I can to explain the contract to them in regards to their issues. Most of the membership doesn't feel the need to know the contract until if effects them personally.
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    Smart move.