How many times can you quit, Cindy?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by raceanoncr, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. raceanoncr

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    Cindy Sheehan gets arrested for protesting because Nancy Pelosi won't file impeachment charges agains Bush.

    Geez, is this the "last, best and final offer"? AGAIN!!!!!!
  2. Jones

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    Obsession will destroy you, brother. Let her go.
  3. Harry Manback

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    Good ole Cindy pullin those boners...:lol:
  4. horseshoe

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    Cindy dosen't have enough to do
  5. satellitedriver

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    Sounds like she needs one.
  6. Sammie

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    These Cindy threads will last as long as this woman lives. :bored:

    Cindy's son Casey was raised by her ex-husband and his new wife after the couple divorced and remarried. Upon Casey's demise, the parents who raised him, (dad and stepmom), mourned his loss but agreed with America's stance on Iraq and terror. They claim their son was eager to fight terrorism in Iraq and that's why he he volunteered. But how many news stations broadcasted their interviews? One,maybe??

    So Casey dies and his biological mom pitches a fit. And she gets an audience with Bush but that's not enough. So the maroon camps out for 24 days in Crawford in hopes of another. And how many news stations carry the ongoing saga of the absent but biological mother? Every one of them.

    My heart goes out to the parents who raised this fine boy while the media remains frozen in their frenzy over this woman with her liberal, feminist agenda. Why is the press helping her use the death of her son to lobby against Bush and the Republicans?

    Now her second husband just divorced her. Why was she not responsible enough to raise her own son? Why are we not fed up with her? And the press? This woman is making my :censored2: tired...
  7. RockyRogue

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    Great post, Sammie. I'm well-read and resourceful with finding information but this just didn't interest me after the first week. For better or worse. I mean, I catch snippets on the evening news or whatever about Cindy but thats it. I've pretty much tuned her out. Maybe its time for America to do the same. She'll fade into obscurity if we don't pay her any attention.

    And I LOVE your signature line, by the way. Isn't Colorado a concealed and carry state? Not being a gun owner, I'm not as up on these regulations as I should be :sad:. And I am pro-gun but with controls. I don't have a problem with the handgun in the house practice but an automatic rifle??? I THINK NOT!!!! -Rocky
  8. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    Don't get hung up on the word automatic.
    Automatic does not mean machine gun or an assault rifle.(Which a misnomer) Most pistols are automatic, shotguns are automatic and some rifles are automatic.
    Automatic only refers to a fresh bullet being fed into the firing chamber, after a round has been fired. It still takes a single pull of the trigger to fire. The only difference is the speed of firing rate.
    A single shot 22cal pistol is as deadly as other any weapon.
    I am not trying to be argumentative, but this subject hits a bone of contention with me.
    It is the human that controls the weapon, not visa-versa.
    Weapons come in many forms. A number 2 pencil is innocuous, but very deadly when used with intent.

    If you have ever been in a bar where you know 90% of the people are carrying, it is amazing how polite people can be.
  9. RockyRogue

    RockyRogue Agent of Change

    Nah, not going to get hung up on vocabulary, Satellite. I don't have a problem with guns but I do feel there should be some controls. I'm not a liberal, by the way. I stand quite comfortably in the middle on politics, picking which side I'll agree with based on the merits and my moral values. I was called a "fence sitter" in a quite disgusted fashion by a family member in the not-so-distant past. I answered, "Better middle ground than extremist." They couldn't answer to that one :w00t:. A friend sent me a survey recently, with a bunch of political "hot topics" to find out where I stood on politics. When I finished, I came up just a little to the right of moderate. I'm perfectly comfortable there.

    Ahhhhhh...Texas. No other place quite like it. I'm a native Texan, Satellite. I've heard the number of fights in Texas bars are among the lowest in the nation, credited in large part to so many people carrying a concealed weapon. I have no problem with the "concealed carry" laws, by the way, Sat. I get a little leary of the lack of controls on who conceals and carries, though.

    I think I've hijacked this thread long enough! -Rocky
  10. diesel96

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    I have a big time problem with individuals carrying weapons in existing establishments,especially in Bars,Clubs serving alcohol.Hey,lets get all my rowdy friends and get "tanked up"with our guns holstered to our hips and ankles.Uh..Uh..Not a good idea.Whether your a concealed carrying state or not I don't give :censored2:.The Hatfield and McCoy days are over.Leave your guns in the car at home or at your business,I don't have a problem with that.This country's getting to the point where business owners will soon be enforced to purchase metal detectors at the entrances of their esatblishment.In fact,it's already starting.

    As a gun owner and fomer hunter this is why I fired the NRA years ago.
    In the past, police organizations viewed the gun lobby, and the NRA as a reliable friend. This stemmed in part from the role the NRA played in training officers and its reputation regarding gun safety and hunter training. Yet, throughout the 80s/90s, the NRA has found itself increasingly on the opposite side of police on the gun control issue. Its opposition to legislation banning armor-piercing ammunition, plastic handguns, and machine guns,AK47s and its support for the McClure/Volkmer handgun decontrol bill,which basically weakens the existing handgun bills, burned many of the bridges the NRA had built throughout the past hundred years. As the result of this, the Law Enforcement Steering Committee was formed. The Committee now favors such restriction measures as waiting periods with background and mental history checks for handgun purchase and a ban on machine guns,a.p. ammo, and plastic firearms. If police continue to call for assault weapons restrictions, and the NRA continues to fight such measures, the result can only be a further tarnishing of the NRA's image in the eyes of the public, the police, and NRA members. The organization will no longer be viewed as the defender of the sportsman, but as the defender of the drug dealer,para-militartist,survivorlist and even domestic terrorist.

    Anyway,were getting off topic.....why don't we just let Cindy vent,losing a child (biological or seperated)or whatever can affect a person dramatically.Just ignore her(the media too)....she would act the same way if the the shoe was on the other foot and the democrats were in control.
  11. Dutch Dawg

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    See I've learned something here today. I thought a semi-automatic would be a firearm that automatically chambered a round upon competiion of the previous cycle, unless you are discussing an open bolt design. The people I've hung around in the past use the term automatic when describing a firearm to denote the ability of that firearm continously cycling until one lets off of the triggering device.

    It's interesting how firearms have become such a politically charged topic during the course of my lifetime. As such, when any new legislation comes up for passage to control the topic keywords such as reasonable, and sensible always find their way into sound bites promoting passage. Those words seem so soothing to the ears of the masses.

    One might even hear those words used to express the current Sentae Bill sponsored by Lautenberg and surprisingly Alberto Gonzales to deny an American Citizen the right to posses any firearm without review by any court upon the Attorney General's office orders. Yet it'll just be 'Sensible legislation designed to give the tools to stop the threat of Terriosim.' Boy wouldn't Janet Reno have had a heyday with that one, she'd have probably wet her pants from excitement had that bill become law while AG. If elected you think Hillary's AG wouldn't abuse that one?

    Statistically speaking legal CCW persons are the least of a threat to society when it comes to firearms, yet new legislation seems to impact them the most.

    Do I fully support every action of the NRA? Not always, then again I don't fully endore every action of the Teamsters. However I do view them as necessary checks to keep the balance.

    For every police officer or Law Enforcement Organization you can produce opposed to the NRA, I'll show you two that support it. What does that mean? Nothing really....
  12. over9five

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    Semi-automatic fires ONE round per press of the trigger.

    Automatic fires till the mags empty per press of the trigger (machine gun).

    The anti-gun Liberal Media will ALWAYS call any gun 'automatic'.

    Thank God for the NRA and our 4 million members. Without them, NONE of us would be firearms owners.

    I am a Life Member.
  13. Sammie

    Sammie Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Rocky. I was reading an article about gun owners when I ran across that quote and I liked it so much that I just up and stole it.

    Not being educated on firearms, it would give me the complete creeps to have one in the house. But I will say that I've gone target shooting a few a times, at a beautiful, wooded private range in Illinois and here in our Colorado mountains and I thought it was a kick in the pants! It probably wouldn't hurt to take a safety class and have some protection here at home, though. And I know my boys would love to pick up target practice as a hobby. We shall see!!!:gunsmilie
  14. wkmac

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    Cindy Sheehan, from protesting Bush to the legality and purpose of owning automatic weapons.

    Whether you agree with Cindy or not, she has truly become a political and social lightning rod in our culture. As for protesting Pelosi, I would think you guys would be all for it. The distraction now is not on Bush but rather on the lead Congressional democrat and from a purely political partisan standpoint I would think this would be a good thing. Kinda like Hillary attacking Obama and visa versa.

    From your political perspective, this is one time that lemons are making lemonade so sit back and just enjoy a nice glass full for once!