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  1. davidix

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    That was my original point. I dont bitch about not having 7 weeks of vaca. Nor do I sit here crying about their easy routes( that they earned) my point is that these hybrids are going to have the opportunity to become full time with time while helping the guys in the middle like myself. Heck it will even help the swing drivers. Maybe it will allow people some extra time with their families instead of spending their life in a truck.
  2. 542thruNthru

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    What exactly do you think a 22.4s job is going to be?
  3. bumped

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    You don't believe that … Do you?

    UPS doesn't give a :censored2: about your family time.
  4. Staydryitsraining

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    According to what I'm hearing a 22.4 will not be allowed to bid to anything else.
  5. lolbr

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    Everyone deserves 9.5. There is no reason any union employee at UPS should be required to work that long (except maybe a few select feeder routes, but those you can bid on if you choose).

    Now if someone wants the extra hours, there should be an "extra work" list they can add their name to.
  6. sandwich

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    As my wife likes to say. Too bad, so sad.

    Getting the big bucks and sweet routes will always be based on seniority. Always has always will.
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  7. sandwich

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    Go easy on the poor kid. Hes too green to understand.
  8. PT Car Washer

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    I asked a Union steward about that one day and he told me PT is not in the classification for 8 hour or 9.5 protection. I suppose Art 22.4 employees would also be included in that assessment.
  9. Poop Head

    Poop Head rubber bands on the handle

    Go into management. You'll get all the "merit" and "performance" based raises and promotions you can handle
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  10. rod

    rod retired and happy

    jealousy will get you no where
  11. rod

    rod retired and happy

    Gee--I wonder what generation this guy is from? He wants it all NOW---he must be one of them ...........
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  12. lolbr

    lolbr Active Member

    They aren't, but they should be.

    Also, for part time, even 9.5 is a long day. Most part time employees either go to school or work another job. If you tell someone they are only guaranteed 3.5 hours, they shouldn't have to plan their life around "UPS wants me to work 10 hours on short notice".
  13. CitizenTruth

    CitizenTruth Member

    Bet you enjoy your benefits and wages the company gave you right ? Oh wait the company wouldnt give you anything if the union didn't fight for it. This is a union shop if you dont like it seek employment somewhere else stop shi tting on our union!!! The company's idea of merit for your performance is more work, if you dont think fair treatment in the workplace is needed, once again find anotherrrrrr jobbbbb
  14. browned out

    browned out Well-Known Member

    And the criminals at the IBT create a new classification that has no excessive OT rights....ever.
    Vote the pieces of work out.
  15. silenze

    silenze Lunch is the best part of the day

    Request an 8hr day.
    9.5 list provides people with time with family. Hybrid is just forcing someone else to work 12hrs a day so you don't have to.
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  16. Bingo! Seniority is crap. And it's not even fully used correctly or even understood.

    We have a 60 year old part timer with 30 years of seniority, but we also have a 21 year old with 1 year full time seniority.

    The full timer kid just booted the 60 year old recently.

    The 60 year old worked for the company longer and paid his union dues longer. Seriously, the part timer was loading packages before the full timer was even born! Lol!!!

    So tell me how seniority is respected? Oh...... So this is about full time vs part time senioriy? Well just stop calling it a Union. Stop calling it Teamsters. Stop calling it a brotherhood.
  17. Coldworld

    Coldworld Bad mall cop...no donut!!!

    3F6E6536-46B8-4D85-884B-F3832EEA176D.gif 891EF0B6-CAEF-47DF-8380-3C1AE25871BC.gif
  18. burrheadd

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    Parttimers are disposable
  19. MarvelousMunata

    MarvelousMunata The Scapegoat With Attitude

    Looks like one of our supervisors
  20. Coldworld

    Coldworld Bad mall cop...no donut!!!

    Yep.... just ask mgt about that!!