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    Wow!! You most definitely need to give up your Union job at your earliest convenience. FedEx, Walmart, etc., are all accepting applications. Maybe they will do better at recognizing your "merit and performance". You also may be interested in going into UPS management where they now recognized "merit and performance" by reducing benefits, increasing work hours, and putting you in "no win" situations.
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    A brain
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    That's called management....
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    :censored2: if that isn't the truth. I don't like my driver sup but man we rode together Saturday for space and vis which was fine. After chatting the whole day I genuinely felt bad for the guy. How much they work them, :censored2:ty benefits and a plethora of other things. Hope he gets out to something better like the last center manager did. Found a new respect for him after the ride.
  5. Two words. Or two numbers. Or whatever.

    Four tens.
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    I'd gladly switch to four ten hour days. Get it in the contract and have it a bid job. But knowing UPS, a four ten bid would really be a four twelve job.
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    And they wouldn't pay overtime until after 10 instead of after 8.
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    It would be hard for me to feel sorry for any current management around here . I haven't met one in 10 years that I've had any respect for at all. Most are arrogant piles of dung that hide behind their positions, but hide from you on the weekend when they see you in the Lowes parking lot.
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    Serious question and some won’t like this but....when you started at UPS, you did know the drivers worked lots of hours and late nights, right? At least we are compensated with paid OT. Many other jobs (in the business world) people don’t get to go home until the job is completed...put in your time, earn your seniority and your time off.
  10. I'm on 4-10's now. Not a driver though.