I have a road test scheduled for Monday

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    Was wondering all I needed to know for it. I've been a part timer for 14 years, I signed the temporary bid list they put up a couple of weeks ago. I've filled out the applications, got my DOT Physical done, and now the road test is next.

    They are telling me I might not even get the job though because I'm a backup. They are only taking 5 drivers and I"m #6 on the list. They still want me to be prepared though and know the material and take the road test just in case they need me.

    Those that have taken the road test, is it hard? How strict are they? I can drive a stick shift but I've never driven anything as big as a package car so I'm kind of nervous about it. Any advice anyone has would be appreciated.
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    Most supervisors that give road tests have done so many times. They will know the exact words to say to calm you down and erase all your fears and anxiety. And you will actually have fun. Enjoy!
  3. klein

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    If I was you, get into a P500 tomorrow, ask a driver during his break or after work, if he can help you out, and let you drive around the block.

    It's totally different from a standard car.
    It's best to start in 2nd gear... 1st gear doesn't get you nowhere.... and the manual power steering, that takes time to get used to, as well.
    You need to wrap your hands and arms around the wheel,when turning, and while driving ofcourse in clock position.
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    "ask a driver during his break or after work, if he can help you out, and let you drive around the block."

    Even I don't believe You wrote that !!! You want a driver to get in REAL TROUBLE !!!:surprised: That driver would be fired on the spot and standing behind you in the unemployment line.
  5. klein

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    Well, I have done it....I was in training back then.... and the road test was comming up. No big deal to go around a safe empty large parking lot.

    GSOUPS New Member

    Ok so don't use 1st gear at all? Is that what you are saying? So when I start the car from a stop shift to 2nd and then go from there?

    I don't think they'll let me practice but I'm probably going to talk to some truck drivers before work and see if they can give me some advice.
  7. moreluck

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    I am just flabberghasted !!
  8. klein

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    Well, on my road test... remember P500, even the sup that was onboard, that did the testing, told me I could start in 2nd gear.
    1st gear on a P500 won't get you anywhere... maybe up to 2 miles per hr or less.
  9. DS

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    Chances are 3 of those guys will not have what it takes to be a ups driver,you are as good as in.

    Think of it as driving a porche but a lot slower.
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    Your best advice is to talk to a few of the drivers you know well. Preferably one who drives the same type that you will test in. Most likely a P1000. I tested in an 800, but I had several years esperience driving box trucks. It is still quite different. They seem so wide at first, you think your driving a tank. You might just try sitting in one and get the perspective from the drivers seat. Do a walk around to get a feel for the length of the truck. DO NOT drive one without approval from management.

    As for the test itself. Just drive extremely safe. Get a copy of the 10 point commentary from one of the drivers. If you don't understand one of them, ask for an explanation from the driver.
    Put on your seat belt before you start the truck. You might practice this a few times if you can sit in one before the test.
    Don't stress. You know how to drive, just use common sense.
  11. GSOUPS

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    I already have memorized the 10 point commentary and the 5 point space and visibility. They gave me that stuff last week and I've been studying hard. I think I'm ready for the class mentally, I'm just worried about failing this road test simply because I've never driven something this big before.

    I really want this job, I'm sick of being stuck in the building and only getting 23 hours a week. I know I'll still be in and out of the building at times but it would be better than what I've got now.
  12. bigbrownhen

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    Good luck. Just have confidence in yourself. Seriously, if you are nervous, just go sit in one to get the feel of it. It's not rocket science. Have a mental awareness of how big the truck is. Talk to other drivers. You will be fine. You stressing about it too much.

    I know how important this job is to some. I remember being nervous about the road test, but don't sweat it. You will do fine.
  13. BrownArmy

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    Congratulations on getting the road test!

    If you've gotten your DOT physical, you are likely more than half-way there. DS is absolutely correct: even if you're number six, at least two others in front of you will fail. Take the test seriously, but don't freak out about it.

    Seriously, don't stress too much.

    If you can drive a stick-shift vehicle, you can drive a package car. But, they are different! These trucks don't start-up like cars, don't stop like cars, and don't swing like cars (don't get fooled by the mirrors or the camera, that truck is longer than you think...).

    You'll start your road test in your center, and you'll proceed onto some regular streets with regular traffic. The tester will pull you onto a side street and ask you to start the package car on an incline. The tester may ask you to back the package car up in a random, safe location, like an empty parking lot or maybe a slot in your center's truck line-up.

    The tester will basically ride with you for ten or fifteen minutes to make sure you have the ability to drive one of these trucks, shift gears, make sound decisions in traffic, etc. etc.

    If you can rock a package car in this simple simulation, you'll advance to the next level of hell...

    But don't let Klein confuse you, 1st gear is just fine. If you can drive stick, you know that gear choice depends on many factors...

    On these trucks, 1st gear is a 'creeper' gear, meaning it will get you started, but won't really get you anywhere - you'll almost always need to shift fairly quickly into 2nd gear. Unless you're on a steep hill, you can absolutely start a package car in 2nd gear, but you'll need to feather the clutch while goosing the gas pedal to get the engine RPM's high enough to match the gear ratio, bla bla bla.

    If you've studied the five and tens, you should be good.

    Good luck, buddy!
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  14. UPSF Peeon

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    its a damn package car if you can drive a car you can drive a package car i dont understand this
  15. Richard Harrow

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    While it's your road test, I strongly suggest you always start that truck from first gear while the supervisor is with you. If the supervisor tells you to ignore first gear and start from second, then you do so. Many-a-UPS trucks (esp. the old ones) go to the shop with tranny issues because drivers don't use first and it places unnecessary strain on the powertrain starting from second.

    Other than that, the some of the more important things I can think of are maintain a proper following distance (remember, these trucks weigh as much as 4 to 10 times more than a personal car), make it obvious that you are checking your side-view mirrors often, and make it obvious that you are scanning the roadway, not staring. When at a red light, maintain 1 car-length from the car in front of you and don't pop the hand-brake until the car in front of you moves.

    Be relaxed. If you can show the sup. that you can control the vehicle, you'll be fine. Good luck.
  16. Old International

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    I would MAKE DAMN SURE TO USE 1ST GEAR EACH AND EVERY TIME DURING YOUR TEST ! Only after you are really comfortatable driving a stick, will you know when you can safely use 2nd to start out in. Take your time, don't hurry making turns and stops. Be smooth. You will quickly learn how to be both smooth and fast, but being smooth is harder. MAKE SURE TO LEAVE A SPACE CUSHION AROUND YOUR PACKAGE CAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. UnsurePost

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    Agree. Use 1st gear!!! Starting from 2nd is a no-no, period.
    You want to start in 1st and quickly move into 2nd. Never shift in intersections, always when entering or safely cleared but never inside.
    2 hands on the wheel , 10 and 2.
    NEVER ride the clutch or downshift to slow down. WHen stopping, let it come near stalling before you stop.
    Always use parking brake when stopped, gears in neutral, two hands on wheel.
    *use your mirrors!!!* front 2 secs, rear 5-8
    Making a right hand turn, use your right mirror to safely clear curbs. Left turn, left mirror.
    push-pull steering method if you don't have power steering (chances are you will not). Don't use hand over hand!

    Most of it is common sense. Drive safely and try drive confident even if you are not. You will pass easily if you show you can handle the vehicle. You don't have to be perfect but you do need to be pretty good, very safe, and show potential.
  18. John19841

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    Just wanted to point something out...

    Telling him that he has nothing to worry about, yet saying that he's as good as in, because 2-3 of the 5 people in front of him will definitely fail, is not exactly the best way to instill confidence...
  19. GSOUPS

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    Yeah most of that stuff is part of the 10 point commentary, they did give me a list of instructions to follow for the road test and #13 says "When turning, use hand over hand method"

    Thanks for all the advice, I'll try to remain as calm as I can. Hopefully I pass.
  20. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    If vehicle has power steering, yes, hand over hand. I've yet to be road tested w/ power steering. Always been some old az p1000.