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    Hi, I'm Horace Tard, an 18-year courier for FedEx Express in Memphis, TN, and I AM FEDEX!!! First off, I just want to say how much I love FedEx and everyone who works here. We really are one big FedEx Family. But speaking of families, it's increasingly hard for many real FedEx families to make ends meet, so that's why I've started "Fed-Up for Families", a program where doctors, dentists, and other medical providers come here to a parking lot in Memphis to help FedEx families who cannot afford to use their own insurance. That's right, now you can actually afford to get that tooth filled, get a crown, or maybe even have that pesky mass on your liver examined!! No co-pays, and no huge deductibles to worry about.

    Another big part of "FedEx for Families" is our Food Bank program, where employees, using their own vehicles and money, take food to needy FedEx employee families. It used to be just Ground families, but we're seeing an increasing demand among Express families too. We're calling it "Fred's Meals On Wheels" and even if you haven't had a square meal in days, we'll provide it to you free of charge thanks to some of the generous restaurants and grocery stores here in town.

    Remember, FedEx Cares!! And me, I'm just a Tard, but I AM FEDEX!!!
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    The way FedEx deals with injured employees is criminal. IMO, it will someday result in a huge legal decision against FedEx. There are thousands of employees out there who have had legitimate work-related injuries be denied treatment, harassed, and/or terminated.


    Forgot to mention that all donations of time, money and items are tax deductible for uncle Fred and, as an added bonus, the company will go ahead and deduct the amount from YOUR paycheck!! Thanks Uncle Fred!