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    ...enamored by Ricky Williams, or just me?

    Amazing football player and human being...not the greatest Dad though, but still an amazing dude.
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    Isn't he well known for smoking marijuana?
  3. I Am Jacks Damaged Box

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    I always liked the guy. Really intelligent guy. Think he was a little adhd though which I can relate too. Had a problems with Bi-Polar or depression I think 1 of those things. People always dogged him for the issues that were well publicized in the media but truth be known his heart was never into football and you could tell and hes spoken that before. I really hated the way the media went after him and beat him down over hid marijuana usage. They acted like he was a dumb pothead. He was probably a lot more intelligent than half the media that was dogging him out. Homeboy wasn't programmed by society and their little comfy box, he lived life how he wanted too and that has to be respected. Do I think its right that he played around with the teams he was working for? No I dont, think he went about it the wrong way definitely.
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    He can run. He might need those skills to outrun the police.
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