Is it just me or................

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does it seem like we are getting more volume earlier than usual?

For years now it hasn't been this heavy on me until the middle of the month. I don't know if it is internet sales or whether people have decided to buy early but I am getting my butt kicked. I am already working between 10 and 11 hour days all last week and had a couple of 52 hour weeks last month.

Being in a satellite center we get our stuff late. Our start time isn't until 9:30 and we are usually still loading at 9:45. I have a 30 minute commute so I am not getting home until 9:30 or later. This is going to be a long 3 weeks I am afraid.


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It does seem to be heavier earlier and I agree that part of it is due to the increase in online shopping. I have a great helper and my schedule has been the same as during the rest of the year, but don't know how much longer that will last, especially with the snow storm we are expecting tonight into Tuesday.


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Harley Dude....could it be that those satelite things are more UPS smoke and mirrows? Or possibly is it that you are getting older?:peaceful: LOL BC (not Big Chicks)

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Here in Canada we have seen a massive increase in volume coming up from the U.S. due to the fact that our dollar is trading at or near parity. Couple that with the normal rise in volume due to Xmas and for the last three weeks I've been averaging 12 - 13 hour days and there's still more than three weeks left.

Good times.

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34 yrs & done!
Harley Dude....could it be that those satelite things are more UPS smoke and mirrows? Or possibly is it that you are getting older?:peaceful: LOL BC (not Big Chicks)

I definitely know I am getting older. I feel it every morning when I attempt to get these 50 year old bones out of bed.


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i just love peak. ive already had my job threatened twice.(greivance both times) and it wasnt even december. our center manager is still steadfast holding to the no over 9.5. its funny to listen to some of the excuses they give. its gonna be a long three weeks thats for sure

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If they want you in with no over 9.5 then bring the extra work back and let them figure it out. It is just another way for them to try to get you to skip personal time and go to fast. It is their dispatch, so let them fix it if you can't get done in time.

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Since about 2000 there has been a volume spike the week after thanksgiving. I think a lot of it is the 'black Friday' effect. If this year is like past years, the volume spike will die down by 11/30 and stay relatively low for a week-and-a-half or so, there will be panic that the centers are 'overstaffed', routes will be cut, rentals returned, and helpers cut. Volume will pick back up in the days closer to Christmas, but it will take a few days for the corporate people to react and allow the centers the resources they need. Centers will finally get what they need just in time for the tidal wave of packages the week leading up to Christmas, but because of the delay hours of service will be a problem. Happens every year.

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34 yrs & done!
It seems heavier only because we have 3 or 4 guys off everyday. Once again saving money over giving service.

Just the opposite in our little 7 route center. They have already put in 2 extra routes last week and we are still heavy. My route regularly runs 105 stops a day. They pulled 40 stops off of me Friday morning and I still wound up with 133 stops. Got in at 9:45. I usually average 20 to 25 rural routes a day. Friday I had 43.

While I appreciate the fact they are finally trying to get my hours down some it still looks like we are going to be in trouble with the volume we are getting.

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Not to brag or complain it`s just amazing to be "threatened" to be in by 9.5 .

The 9.5 language is in the contract to protect drivers from excessive overtime. It is not a tool for the company to use against you to make you work faster. It is their resposibility to dispatch you where you are able to safely complete your day in less than 9.5 hrs. If you fail to be in before 9.5 hrs. the contractual obligation to allow you to do so is theirs. The Nov.-Dec. free period of no protection from working over and filing 9.5 grievances is a disadvantage to the driver. But is to be expexcted due to the nature of our business. And we have agreed to that in the contract. It is not a time for management to threaten drivers for failing to make 9.5 hrs. nor is that acceptable at any time during the year. Do not allow yourself to be pressured by language that was written with your protection in mind.


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Thanks for the info. Being in feeder we`re playing by the DOT regs so our game is how far into the 13 hr maximum do we go. I feel for you guys though. the DOT language real close. I think you can exceed the 13 hour day due to inclement weather that "you didn't know about". (like we don't have email, telephones, the internet and the TV in the feeder breakroom with the weather channel on) The company has been known to use this excuse to work feeder drivers over the 13 hour max.

so much for honesty and integrity.........


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Our volume has been steadily increasing for the last 2 years. We’ll soon exceed last year’s peak day, probably within the next week or so. Fortunately we have a center manager that stays on top of the dispatch and will put in the routes needed. Helpers? Yes, use them as you need them but make sure you’re over 8 and under 9.5. Hasn’t been an issue so far since we were time studied just over a year ago. I think I worked 3 hours OT last week, of course there’s still time for that to change. LOL.


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Lots of volume here at the Jax,FL Hub..DM cancelled saturday noon day sort cause we ran so much volume thoughout the two 6 hour days rest were 5 hour days..tuesday and thursday primary didnt go down until 4pm