Is UPS really this bad to work for, or are people exaggerating??

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by johnbirshire, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. johnbirshire

    johnbirshire New Member

    I've been a member of this forum community for two days now, as a result of starting a part-time position as a driver helper next week.

    And I was just curious from reading most of the posts, is UPS really as horrible as people make it out to be?

    Some of the things I've seen people say:
    1. You don't get paid overtime.
    2. You work 13 hours a day.
    3. You have to work part-time doing backbreaking work as a preloader for years before you get a position in management or as a driver.
    4. Supervisor's rule their stations with an iron fist and threaten people with false accusations.
    5. Sexism is rampart.
    6. You can be "on call" for months, meanwhile you are expected to call in every single day just to see if any work is available for you.
    7. You retire with a blown back, bad knees, and in poor health.
    8. A much higher than average divorce rate attributed to being a UPS employee.
    9. If you get in an accident you are fired no questions asked.
    10. Blackmail.
    11. Mental anquish.
    12. Etc, etc.

    Also, I visted the website Vault: The Most Trusted Name in Career Information and looked up "UPS". This website is great for a job seeker, because you get to see what employees of a company have to say about working for this company. For UPS, most of the comments are horrendous....let me quote a few:

    "UPS allows and encourages it's center managers to push, degrade, humiliate, find fault"

    "Unfair treatment, overwork not rewarded, for hard work we are asked to perform 100% each and everyday"

    "Most unprofessional place I ever worked, run like a prison."

    "A horrific experience probably equivalent to Iraq (without the blood and gore). Not fun at all."

    "Non-stop stress, upper management is never satisfied with anyone's performance, no matter how good your center's performance is".

    "Very bad all around"

    From what I have read about UPS in the last two days of researching the company, my stomach feels sick. Should I look elsewhere and not start next week? Or are the comments I am reading from a very minor percentage of UPS employees?
  2. DorkHead

    DorkHead Active Member

    Look, the job is hard,period. Some of that stuff is true, some not. Depends on your management team.
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  3. Jack_Burton

    Jack_Burton Member

    Nothing worth doing is ever easy! :wink:
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  4. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    Try it and see. If you do not like it leave. It is physical work and management can try and make you feel you are not doing enough. Judge for yourself if it is what you want to do. Good Luck and wear good shoes.
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  5. jlphotog

    jlphotog Member

    From my stand point here are the answers to your questions.

    1. Untrue (I get paid an average of 10 hours OT a week)
    2. Untrue (see answer to #1)
    3. Untrue (at least around here. I was hired as a FT driver)
    4. Untrue (in my center anyhow. All sups are friendly and make it a pleasant place to work)
    5. I haven't witnessed any.
    6. Not around here. (see my answer to #3)
    7. I'm nowhere near retirement and have only been at UPS for 5 months, so I really can't answer that one.
    8. Possible, but I am not aware of it.
    9. Very untrue. (I had an accident my first month and I'm still around)
    10. Haven't witnessed any.
    11. None for me yet.
    12. It all depends.

    I hope some of my answers allow you to sleep better.
  6. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    Fact is, it varys from center to center and from time to time.
    If the center manager is a prick and he does not like you,dont piss him off.Put up with him until they ship him off to some other center .It always happens.They call it a promotion but its more like an employent agency just moving people around.Its a good job if you just follow instructions and have no opinion.
  7. wornoutupser

    wornoutupser Well-Known Member

    If you want to work for a company that will not call you and let you know when your mother in law dies, your father in law dies or your kid is in the emergency room because of drinking something poisonous then this is a GREAT place to work!
  8. Anon

    Anon Guest

    Do we not have a cell phone????
  9. speeddemon

    speeddemon Guest

    I am 37. Ive been here for 18 years and my body is falling apart. Your just a piece of meat that wears out and is easily let go and replaced.
  10. 25yrvet

    25yrvet New Member

    Physically you take your chances. Most drivers with over 12 yrs in have physical aches to say the least. A driver makes between 55-75 a year--there's got to be a 'cost' in some fashion.
    If ya want no stress, no OT, no physical issues; then you need to apply at the nearest bottle cap factory <tic>
  11. gonefromups

    gonefromups Guest

    The job IS hard. I was an HR supervisor for a big hub for years. You do get paid OT, your supervisor will probably make you feel like $%^! There is sexism and harassment, though they would never admit to it! But in the long run, if your skin is thick enough, the pay is decent and the benefits are good. Personally, the best thing I ever did for myself was QUIT, but my husband is still a driver.
  12. Megansman

    Megansman Member

    First off, keep in mind these forums are used to vent, and whine and cry and moan and if you go to fred's cafe or the usps or even that bottlecap factory mentioned and find a comparable website you'll see that every other company is the same. Hell, I'd bet that even welfare recipients gripe and moan about having to wait til the beginning of the month to get paid and it isn't enough to buy enough crack and condoms or what ever...

    That being said, UPS is, a great place to work. As a driver you'll be challenged physically and mentally but if you're up to it, you'll be rewarded well with your paycheck and bennies. I've never had better benefits. I've only been more proud of my stint in Uncle Sam's Motorcyle Club.

    I'd also guesstimate that about 87% of the griping you'll find here is directed at pinhead management decisions that make our day longer, more difficult, or just makes us look stupid and/or incompetant. And again, you can find that at any company.

    The vast majority of us are proud of what we do, care deeply for our customers, and strive every day to give great customer service.
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  13. rod

    rod #1 on Upstates "list"

    Good post Megansman. About the only thing I would disagree with is the condom statment. From my experiance with the professional wefare lowlifes I would say they don't give a damm about buying condoms.
  14. MR_Vengeance

    MR_Vengeance United Parcel Survivor

    hahhaha...........i'm gonna laugh again hahaha. simply speechless:wink:
  15. benschreivogel

    benschreivogel New Member

    Yeah, reading in here sometimes depresses me. To read hear you would think the company is going bankrupt, the union is scammimg you,sups hate you, work is hard,
    I have been working for UPS for almost 5 years now and I find myself liking it more and more.
    The pay is great for unskilled labor after time. I have no problem getting overtime almost EVER. My wife and I had baby recently basically FREE thanks to a great union health package. A policy like that for a family is going to cost several hundred dollars a month otherwise.
    The Sups at my hub always respect me and treat me well. The trick is to really do "A fair days work for a fair days pay" It says it in the contract. You do that, they treat you well.
    The work is physical. But honestly when you compare it to something like diging trenches for construction and crap like that that you could get with an equal education, it's easy.
    And lastly, I am enjoying more and more a job that I can leave at the door. I dont give it a second thought when I go home. I have had other jobs where when the day is over I am still fixed on problems,politics, and ideas from work. Stresses the Bleep out of me. At UPS you work hard and go home to have a nice weekend.
    Thats my take on it.
  16. LKLND3380

    LKLND3380 Active Member

    Yeah and there is a negative side to working at UPS...:w00t:

    My Answers to your questions:
    1. Preloaders get overtime for ANY day they work over FIVE hours....
    2. Drivers MAY work eight hours plus.
    3. Full time jobs are bid on and given by senority.
    4. Supervisor's MAY threaten people with false accusations but hourly employees have UNION protection.
    5. I have never seen Sexism.
    6. To be a driver helper I understand this to be true but I know of NO helpers being denied work. If anything there is a shortage of helpers.
    7. I have not retired but I am already under the care of a neurologist after being with UPS for over two years.
    8. Don't know aboutr this but could be possible.
    9. UNION would fight to get your job back plus any back pay if this were to happen....
    10. Blackmail - Management threaten to write up/suspend and hourly workers threaten to file grievences...
    11. Mental anquish.
  17. trickpony1

    trickpony1 Well-Known Member

    "....I am already under the care of a neurologist......"

    I'm not being a smart a##, I'm just curious, why a neurologist and what is he/she doing for you?
  18. xkingx

    xkingx Member


    what shall we ever do if there were no cellphones...:ohmy: theyve been around since BC...
  19. Anon

    Anon Guest

    Don't count on UPS to call you off the road.
  20. LKLND3380

    LKLND3380 Active Member

    A neurologist is a medical doctor or osteopath who has trained in the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system disorders, including diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles.
    Neurologists perform neurological examinations of the nerves of the head and neck; muscle strength and movement; balance, ambulation, and reflexes; and sensation, memory, speech, language, and other cognitive abilities.

    I have been having occasional lower back pain along with occasional numbness in the top of my thigh.

    I take a muscle relaxer and anti inflamitory pills three times a day... Supposed to start with physical therapy