1. Bob Saget

    DQ’d On Day 24

    Hey all, Got DQ’d. Running a consistent 30 minutes over, and was accused of stuffing packages that were nowhere to be found in my car. This was probably those most financially straining time due to not working for weeks at a time. I was offered a spot on preload or to be a driver helper on...
  2. Bob Saget

    No work as qualifying driver

    Hi all, just started at UPS. I was a seasonal for about a month then was asked to become permanent about two months ago. Here’s the deal, in those two months I’ve worked a total of 7 days. I was getting some hours as local sort here and there but that came to an end about three weeks ago...
  3. MarvelousMunata

    Allergens and Asthma

    As far as driving/loading goes... Does anyone suffer from allergies ir asthma while working? Whats managements view on time off due to either? Ir even leaving work early.
  4. P

    Sorter looking to get more hours via driving?

    So heard the deal. I’m a sorter I’ve been with the company since last October got my seniority in January. I’ve noticed that a lot of the people I work with drive some days and then work as a sorter some days. What is up with that? And how to I go about doing that? I’m still pretty new to this...
  5. B

    UPS :censored:

    UPS in Bloomington Indiana is a bunch of bull:censored: there supervisors run the packages off the belts and on the floors i have proof i have pictures then they fired me.
  6. B


    (Part-Time Dock Worker) Hello everyone, new here and also first post. I recently got hired at ups (first day was Monday got there to realize they scheduled me by mistake and was actually closed) So, today makes my second night. -I want to make a career out of this. I would like any advice to...
  7. W

    Sent home....I was 3 min late

    Curious on the rules. I’m in Chesapeake district of DC. I clocked in 2 min late. While I was walking to the package car to load it, I was told I wasn’t needed and was being sent home. (Which is fine as I was late and was okay with being sent home) I later found out that people who haven’t...
  8. Brandon5658

    Will I lose my job?

    So a follow up to sucking at preloading. I still can't handle 4 package cars. Its draining the life out of me. I feel like I would be better doing unload or sort. A PT supervisor told me I wouldn't make book if I asked to work other than as a preloader, but another told me I should ask to be...
  9. herbigharo32

    Sent Home For Being 1 Min Late; drama follows...

    So I got sent home for being 1 min late. I just wrote down a tracking number to prove that I reported in then went to IHop instead of home. I just had to send a picture of that Colorado Omelete and pancakes to the supervisor who cut me...LOL. Before leaving, I put myself down for an option...

    supervisor got in trouble

    the supervisor that wanted me fired ,got switched to a different facility for being a :censored: lol
  11. T

    Now I understand what you mean

    New guy at UPS. Hired off the street for a cover position package driver about 6 weeks ago. I was reading the forums for a while, and thought to myself "It can't be as bad as these guys make it seem". But now I understand. When an employee goes in thinking "I'm going to do the right thing, I'm...
  12. watdaflock?

    The Official Driver Bashing Thread

    Thanks for leaving the piss bottle on the 4000 shelf.
  13. J

    PT Sup = :censored:.

    Hello all, I’ve been working the preload for roughly 3 months and one of the what seem like endless ‘bosses’ that I have has been riding me like a race horse since I started. He’s demeaning, condescending, rude and just doesn’t know how to speak to people. I’m never late, do what is asked and...
  14. C

    I brought a no shave policy paper to my boss and he told me to relocate

    alright, so up until the point where I was hired as a part-time supervisor I have never shaved my beard, but to get straight to the point , I got a doctors note. After getting my note I brought it to my gateway manager, and he tells me I would have to work the same position (part- time...
  15. H

    Need Some Advice

    You're probably rolling your eyes because it seems like every PT worker come here to complain. I have a situation and I'm not sure how to handle it. I work preload in a small town. Our building is pretty small. Just two belts for loading and one sort isle of maybe 5 workers. I have been in my...
  16. P


    My friend who also works at UPS told his supervisor/ building manager "He wasnt :censored:!" and he sent him home. What's going to happen next.
  17. C

    Possible to work both preload night and early morning

    Been at ups for about 4 1/2 Years as a preloader..hours aren’t cutting it though (not enough) is it possible to work double shifts, (for example 5-9pm and then come back for the early am preload?)
  18. T

    Is PPH lower on bulk trucks? Also an issue with driver and PT SUP

    Hey, I'm a pre-loader and I've been lurking this forum for about a month or so. I'm coming up for whether or not I get seniority next week. My supervisor says my biggest problem is that I have not really shown much progress regarding my PPH. It hovers somewhere from 120 to 170 (my highest)...
  19. Y

    8 hour 24hr notice

    so im Tuesday-Sat.. get a message Friday afternoon saying I’m working Monday. So I turn a 8hour request in at (7:32pm Friday) for Monday. Is this 24 hour notice?
  20. R

    Time card and stat sheet doesn't add up

    Has anyone found that the stat sheet posted and time card doesn't match??? In talking about my sort time being changed my leave and return building never being the same??? Also can we be reprimanded for not having 8 hrs of work??? Thanks in advance