Is UPS really this bad to work for, or are people exaggerating??

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by johnbirshire, Nov 14, 2006.

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    The kid has it right!!!!!!
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    here is your answer

    The kid has it right!!!!:thumbup1:
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    You're right, you brought a bit more balance to my point. So I'll revise my argument: as much as you do have control of your health, the work is in fact demanding, but ultimately, your health is still largely in your hands. eat right and stretch plenty. and i'm sure you can find 10 minutes a night to stretch while watching larry king :cool:. and please don't take this the wrong way, this job is demanding. all i'm saying is that the damage would be a lot less (or non-existent) if you found time to treat your body the way it deserves to be treated (relaxed and flexible)
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    I have finaly come to a point in my career that it just does not matter anymore what they do. I get in the car and just do it! Whether Ihave 9 hrs. or 11 I take my time and have fun. Plus it is a big help that the wife knows that I am on the downslide of my time there so the job just becomes whay you make it!
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    Time mag. said 4.5 hrs is average time U. S. male actually works a day UPS driver works hard every second of 9 to 13 hr. day.Good pay, ben. retirement. Bad shoulders, back Knees and attitude. Go back to school
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    You should work for ups. I LOVE my job. All of this stuff pisses me off to no end and is a load of shi*. I dont know where these people are getting this stuff, but your job is what u make it. I have a good supervisor, and yes i have these certain days where im tired and i might not be as chipper as other days when i leave work but me not being in a good mood when i leave my job is very rare. I tell my family all the time it makes a huge difference when you love your job. It seems like you just got a bunch of whining new-hire's or lifer's that either havent improved their outlook of their job or never had a good outlook to begin with. Either that or they are expectin a supervisor to hand them a job sitting back and relaxing in a nice HR office and i will admit you have to be diligent working for ups. I dont expect anyone to hand me anything. I want a ups supervisor position and when and only when i feel i am ready for it when i take it this is a example of what i am saying. These comments have me livid, u really should contact me on yim @ offspringbabe_56 or msn at oOHookah_SweetieOo @ this is insanity. Have a nice day sweetheart, and contact me :P
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    "yim @ offspringbabe_56 or msn at oOHookah_SweetieOo @"

    OK, that was just weird....
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    Apparently [email protected] was taken...
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    I just have to get me a Ground Hub Angel...I mean so up beat about everything, so willing to divulge person information and talk, and look at how cute her avatar and posts are, I am head over heals :laugh:, move up here and marry to get me a young southern bell <3asl? myspace?
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    How many of us wonder if this isn't another management imposter posing as a sweet little babydoll, so naive, so energetic and so full of life?

    In the past we've had a troll posing as a not-yet-old-enough-to-drive babydoll who was, supposedly, impregnated by her delivery man and appealed to this forum for emotional support. Or was that the one that everyone thought was an enforcement agency fishing for online predators?

    I can't remember her name but she didn't last long.
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    That was UPSgirl!
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    How dare you accuse my soulmate of being a poser
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    oh, Stephanie.......!!!!!:crying:
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    I Retired After 32 Years And Did Every Job At Ups It Is Hard Work But Very Rewarding Some People Are Always Unhappy No Matter Where The Work Or How Much Money They Get Paid Life Is The Same Way So Get The Right Attitude No Matter What You Choose To Do
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    oh, God.......!
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    Yeah, this has one of those Dateline NBC "To Catch A Predator" feels to it. Pink font and a Playboy Bunny avatar? Gimme a break. Somebody here is gonna F up and send "her" a pic of his "junk". Come to think of it, I haven't seen double_standard around in awhile.........

    MSNBC - 'To Catch a Predator' Front Page
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    you're been with UPS for how long? what's your work experience? what's the experience you have working under Fortune 500 companies?


    Before I began my tenure here, but reading it was frickin hilarious. Check her myspace, and there you have a photo of our, uh, 17 year old southern belle.

    Diad, frickin' awesome. Good to see some young blood that's not burnt out with UPS and on this forum...
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    ups is by FAAARRR the worst company i have ever worked for. i've been there for 9 months now and i hate it. the supervisors are all power hungry and will try to do anything to bring you down. it's sad to see just about every employee show up in bad moods every day. no matter how well you do, the supervisors will NOT be happy and will try to push more work onto you. even the supervisors get treated like crap, which is probley why they are the way they are.

    bottom line, it's a HORRIBLE work enviornment.

    the only reason im sticking around(and not for long) is to piss off the supervisors, lol.

    i would NOT even bother applying if i were you. save yourself the time and stress.
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    Hey hoser I`m not quite burnt out yet.I`ve put 16 years in in pkg and I intend to put in at least 10 more. Show some respect eh....
    I`ve read your posts and noticed that
    you seem to know a lot about running a business.You are also extremely knowledgeble in employee relations and the politics of running such a huge company.Considering that you are still going to school,I`m amazed you`ve got to the point in life so early that you now know everything.
    I truly believe that we (as Canadians) have it much easier than our
    fellow upsers to the south, and it bothers me a bit that you came in here just recently,talking like you know "the big picture" .
    You said something like -quote
    I`d never want to work in operations,only in corporate.
    Well young fella,we`d all love that 6 figure salary,but we
    all cant be rich.You are hungry for a piece of the pie,but
    you are not quite ready.
    Hoser is a poser.
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    I second that emotion!