Joining the military

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    This is the saddest part. We had people in HS and college come back to our rinky dink town with a "so, what now?" bravado, and when they came back, people wondered "so what?".

    There's a worker in our building who served gulf and came back, served Afghanistan and came back. His job was protected both times. Be sure to do your research to be sure this can still be done (and how). This was already 10 and 20+ years ago.
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    dont be stupid. these arent the guys you should be listening to. the guys in charge of war are all mostly corrupt.

    war is all about control of resources, not democracy. america is a failed democracy at home, how can you believe anything about exporting it abroad.

    if you want to fight a war, do something domestically at home. dont need to shoot or hurt people. america is a sinking ship. do your part to save it.

    when you go to war you are participating in state terrorism.
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    When I first started with UPS, I was on the unloading docks unloading trailers. A friend of mine who had just finished his time with the Marines was working in the same trailer as me. He said this is unbelievable, the Marines never treated a person this bad as the management does here. He walked out of the trailer and quit. Smart guy.
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    Thank you for your decision to serve. USERRA is the law that you need to read up on. Make sure you pay the union a stop dues fee or something like that so you won't owe back dues. Make sure to save all documentation from both company and the union. I would keep a copy of the seniority list as well. When you leave UPS to serve your grateful nation make sure you do so with the mindset that you have every intention of returning to UPS. The grass isn't always greener. I have done a lot in the military....and it felt good coming back to UPS.
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    BSWALKS Almost Honest

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    The UPSer military members and veterans I've spoken to about how the occupations compare have said the same thing.
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    A friend of mines kid went to Marine recruiter straight out of high school told’em he wanted to be a killer and that’s what he was 3 trips to Afghanistan

    He’s a total wreck now Can’t keep a job alcoholic in trouble with the law

    Careful what you wish for
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    I hate drinking, makes me feel like absolute crap.

    I wish they raised the age limit for signing up or limited their combat roles like they do to women. Give them time to really see what they just signed up for, no one likes giving the marine corps their child and receiving a folded flag in exchange. At least give them a year to adjust after highschool.
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    sounds like a non-hacker
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    the military will ruin your ability to think for yourself. and you already sound weak in that field.
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    @rickyb, how would you know?

    Not like Canada has an army. ;)
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    relative to america, we dont LOL