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FedEX?(they suck!)

Just venting here.

Just traded guns with a guy. He lives 4 hours away mine goes out Priority (snail) Mail. His goes out Fed Ex.

Mine will be there in 2 days most. Strait shot.

His, (i'm north of K.C.M.O, where there is a HUGE hub, His comes from Witchita Ks, 4 hours South)
Is going thru flippin' MEMPHIS TENNESSE, :censored2:?

Now I see why these A-HOLES charge so much for shipping....It's because they drive all over the country with my **********g package in the seat next to them. They took a package that was 4 hours away, and moved it 12 hours from me.

Logisitics my A**, FedEX, You need a little logistical help. Y ou wouldn't have to charge so much if you'd put the packages on the direct route trucks. It's a flippin daytrippers job man.


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I got you beat.
I order motorcycle parts from a small city about 120 miles north of me, Shallowater, Tx.
Fed-Ex picks up the packages hauls them to Lubbock, Tx. which is 20 miles south of Shallowater and 100 miles north of my city.
The packages then fly from Lubbock to Fort Worth, Tx.
Then... wait for it...
Fly from Fort Worth back to Lubbock.
Then onto a truck in Lubbock and driven south to my house.
I just shake my head in disbelief everytime I track a package from them to me.
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While they all have their issues, I find DHL to be the worst. I work for Dell and sold a guy 11 large battery backups(about 200lbs each), which made it to the DHL hub, then didn't go anywhere. I called and DHL said they couldn't find them anywhere. How the hell do you lose a 2200lb pallet of anything? Something weighing over a ton doesn't just get up and walk away. And DHL does crap like this all the time too.

Though I had my first real issue with FedEx yesterday. They had the correct ship to address, but the driver for some reason delivered the server to some random house 30miles away on the other side of town....


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i had a stop on a rural road the other day. i passed the fedex guy halfway up to the house i was going to. he asks me if i know where so and so lives. turns out he was going to the same place i was. i told him to follow me if he wanted. i went on about my business and deliverd my stop. had one for the same guy again today, asked him if fedex found him. he says no angrily saying that the driver called him looking for it then never showed. he tracked it and it said not in. he ended up having to drive 40 miles to the fedex hub to get his stuff.