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    Did the tour at a local hub, what do they mean by "layoff"..does it mean fired?
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    Everything at UPS is done in seniority order, including being laid off. UPS lays off employees when the volume is down. When FT employees are laid off they are allowed to bump back in to the hub and displace PT employees to get their hours. When volume is low in the hub lower seniority PT employees may be laid off. These layoffs could be one day, a week or perhaps longer--it all depends upon the volume and staffing needs. This may vary from state to state but if you are laid off for an extended period you can file for unemployment benefits.

    Layoff does not mean fired.
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    That's what I like about Germany and German Unions.
    If UPS in Germany slows down, the union will and company will agree upon "Kurzarbeit".

    Which means insteading of drivers/workers doing OT (UPS policy to make almost every driver to work 10-12 hrs per day).
    They will shorten those days by an hour or 2, to keep the others employed.

    Even if it's a 40 hr work week, they'll settle for everyone working 35 hrs per week instead (as an example).

    And when things pick up, again - they all go back to their full hrs of work. Simple as that.
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    Ok so say i get hired,work three weeks and they lay me off for a week or two cause volume is down. does that mean i have to go through the whole hiring process again?
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    No, they can call you up any day , any hour and tell you they need you back.
    But remember, if you were laid off with several others, those that have the most seniorty will be called back to work first.

    If you were an xmas helper - you might not not be back to work until next November.
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    No. But if that happens your never going to make seniority and if you don't make seniority they don't have to call you back.
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