Liberty Mutual Laptop Stolen UPSER'S Info On It

outta hours

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Got a letter from Liberty Mutual yesterday. Stated that a laptop was lost or stolen back in Feb. Said that my name and social were on it. Not sure how I have never had an accident or injury. Anyway it said I may want to contact the credit agencies and put a fraud alert on my account. Which I did. My question to them was why did they wait over 4 months to notify me? They had no answers. Anyone else ever have to deal with this? Just curious.


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Just saw where ING had a laptop stolen from an employee's home with the personal info of 13k customers on it. I'm just concerned with what these people are thinking when keeping info like this on a mobile laptop.


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My guess is that they are not thinking. In most of these cases they are, at the very least, violating Company policy, if not actually breaking the law.

I'm sure you have already about this incident.


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I have an idea.

Since Liberty Mutual screwed it up, why doesn't Liberty Mutual fix it?
OOPS! that would confer a degree of accountability that only we drivers are expected to uphold.

Why should I hurry around making phone calls because LM screwed it up?