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  1. TwoFingeredWillie

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    Why don't we just list the hub closings here instead of having to look all over the place? :happy2:
  2. rod

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    because you can't believe anything you read on the BC--------this place is full of BS---------------------:happy2:
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    Brown Cafe is an internet forum not sponsored or endorsed by UPS. Your question is a good one but BC would not be the place to post this information. would be a more appropriate place to list hub/center closings by SLIC.
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    That not entirely true. The were several rumors that came to pass. Such as the company wide realignment plan was mention on here weeks before Atlanta made it official. The MIP formula is going to change. DFW closing part of ramp operation, Cach diverting volume to RFD or the other way around. There is truth on the board, just have to wait for it.
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    RTS, don't pay any attention to the Really Old Driver. He has been retired forever yet is still unable to move on. Sad.
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    I was always taught to treat old timers with respect. At ups I love to hear the old-timers stories about how this place used to be. One thing that I find with the new generation of drivers is they lack charisma. When I started out I remember alot of characters but not the same now. Man I miss those guys anytime an old timer wants to tell it how it was I'll listen. They've paid there dues.
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    Now there's a proper attitude!
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    What is the MIP formula?
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    You really should try reading someone's posts beside yours. :funny:
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  11. Returntosender

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    If you own stock UPS has to send you a proxy statement, read it.
  12. FracusBrown

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    This is the target formula. Actual formula may vary depending upon mood of the board.
  13. DS

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    if ups/BC/pos\neg = x the answer lies in y
  14. soberups

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    As a semi-"old timer" myself (23 years) I also want to point out that many of the benefits contained in the current contract were negotiated and fought for by those who came before us.

    When I started, there was no such thing as an 8 hr request. The over 9.5 language was essentually worthless, it had no provision for penalty pay or any other mechanism for enforcement. You couldnt take an additional option week by combining optional holidays with a sick day. There was no "innocent until proven guilty" language allowing the employee to continue working while a suspension/termination case was being resolved. In many areas there was no route bidding language at all and management was free to dispatch you on whatever route they saw fit.

    You "youngsters" take this stuff for granted today.
  15. rod

    rod retired and happy

    I will be the first to admit that I'm a BS'er:happy2: (and that I don't know everything) . I get a chuckle out of Upchuck advising others to ignore me when he says I'm on his "ignore list" and he can't even ignore me. What a loser. :happy2:
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    Anyone else heard anything else regarding this? There have been rumors of a Day sort being added in RFD in the past and was wondering if CACH diverting volume to RFD would have anything to do with this. I can't see RFD diverting volume to CACH simply because our TWI sort is too small and would probably just be shutdown if it lost more volume and our night sort does NDA volume which couldn't really be flown through CACH. Any info regarding extra volume possibly being diverted would be nice news to hear for our building, thanks!