Little Fed Ex Post It notes?

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  1. Shifting Contents

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    I am a driver for UPS. Can one of you ground guys please explain to me why I keep seeing Fed Ex post it notes on every package I see? They are the ones that have the days date and that the consignees package was delivered to the front door. What are they and why do they say I delivered to your front door and are stuck to the package at the front door.

    Thanks purple people :happy-very:
  2. Ricochet1a

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    Ground - only Ground does this - had a problem whereas their contracted delivery drivers would leave a package somewhere where the rept. couldn't find it. So FedEx came up with a brilliant solution that required Ground drivers to leave a note - no exceptions - whenever they left a package without obtaining a signature. Well, since about 90% of packages are left right at the front door, you'll see a Ground package sitting next to the front door, with a sticky note on the door indicating where the package is located, 90% of the time sitting next to the front door. Since FedEx has come not to trust the judgment of the contracted delivery drivers, it has resorted to this measure.

    If they would've simply required a note to be left on the front door when the package WASN'T left next to the front door, that would've made sense. Since FedEx was getting flooded with calls from customers asking where their packages were, they decided to take a shotgun solution to a minor problem and require notes for all residential deliveries w/o signatures obtained. I'm sure if a Ground driver releases a package at a residential address without leaving a note, it would constitute some sort of service failure on their part and their contractor would be penalized - speculating here.

    Due to rising rates of theft of released packages, even Express is requiring Couriers to make sure released packages are left out of view from the sidewalk. This has resulted in a greater number of calls to service centers (Where's my package?) so it is a balancing act. More and more Couriers are being instructed to not release packages in certain neighborhoods that have had high rates of reported missing packages, apartment complexes and trailer parks. Whenever an Express truck enters one of these areas, everyone knows someone has received something and the vultures do seem to pop out waiting to see if a package was left unattended. On more that one occasion I've been approached by someone stating that they'll "sign". Knowing that the rcpt would never see the package, I've left a door tag and moved on.
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    No, No, No, I think you miss understood the question. Why is the sticky attached to the pkg, which is placed near the front door? I'm not kidding, the sticky is actually attached to the pkg, with the note stating where the pkg was left.:knockedout:
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    All of this speaks rather highly of the quality of Ground employees, doesn't it? These are the folks who are going to provide 99.7% on-time service when Ground takes over some of the FedEx Express product line? I hope UPS is able to handle all of the additional business that is going to be coming your way.
  5. Ricochet1a

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    I have seen the notes left on the packages themselves, but this seems to have been "resolved" - at least where I'm located. Yes, it was and is crazy for a Ground driver to leave a note attached to the package itself, indicating where the package was left.

    My thinking was that the requirement was communicated to the contractors to "leave a note with every package left". Well, they're doing just that - leaving a note with every package left - with the note attached to the package. Common sense isn't all too common in any operating company of FedEx Corporation.

    Even on the Express side, they don't want us to "think" anymore. Employees were encouraged to use their ability to think to solve issues in a timely manner to either improve service or resolve problems quickly. Not any more. Meet hourly goal, no late deliveries or pick-ups, get off the clock as soon as possible - all with a work load that barely allows us to complete what we have in the time allocated.

    I still have customers who think they can "corner me" and pull up some anecdote from FedEx old to get me to alter my work patterns. I let them know each time that the FedEx they are using as a basis for that anecdote no longer exists. The sticky note being put on the package itself proves my point more than anything else that I could point to.
  6. bbsam

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    All depends on where I'm leaving the package. If I'm sure the owner is going to see the package or if I'm handing the package to the owner, I'll scan the tag and take it back to the truck and throw it away. If I'm not sure if the customer is going to realize that the package is there, I'll leave the tag on the garage door or on the front door as a sign to the owner coming in the driveway to investigate. I do know that some guys prep all their residentials by putting their tags on them before they leave the building. Just one less thing to do in transit between truck and residence.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I would think that this will work itself out after a while and will then be used as intended.
  8. stevetheupsguy

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    To be continued...
  9. Shifting Contents

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    I personally like them. When I swing in nieghborhods with condos I look in the mail room. Most residents don't take the stickers on their mail boxes with them so if I see a bunch of Fed_Ex "post its" I'll just dump my deliveries in the mail room because I assume if Fed Ex does no one will mind.
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    The post it notes are for the purpose of claims so I was told. If we scan a notice and a claim pops up supposely we are covered ya right. We are to scan one for every resi stop place it on the door and leave. The question I have is once the thieves catch on arent they going to drive around and look for these notes and go take the package. This is where the Fed Ex suits are being foolish place a note for a box that is left might as well just do curb side delivery so you can drive on up and take package. I personally work for a contractor so I dont work how Fed Ex wants me to I work how the boss tells me too if Fed Ex wants me to do what they want then they can pay me by the hour and give me benefits til then I will keep doing what I am told by the boss.
  11. stevetheupsguy

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    One way or the other there's always a boss.:knockedout:

    I am still seeing the pkgs with the notes attached to them at several stops per day. I will start taking pictures of these, just so you people know what I mean.
  12. FedExer267

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    I was told they put them on the box because it dosent state where we have to leave notice just as long as one is left. I know alot of guys put them on their resi stops in the morning when they are going threw trhe truck. If it dosent state where to leave it I will start putting them on the box too why the heck not. After all the boss just scans them crumbles them up and throws them on the shelf of his truck.
  13. SmithBarney

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    Get ready Express guys, I just saw our new door tags from an Email from 5/6, looks like they are going to be requiring us to do this little monkey dance... too.
    Wonderful, surely I have enough time in my day, to waste an entire pack of doortags. Excess costs, over and over again what is with this company they sure like
    to spend money on everything that matters except its employees.
  14. FedEx2000

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    Fredly, the changes to the new doortags were based on customer/courier feedback. Making the station address and counter times more prominent, moving the barcode to the bottom and moving the signature line up, etc. There is going to be a separate tag for pickups when no one is in as well. No change to the current policy of tagging or scanning a tag for every delivery. Though you should obviously place a tag on every DEX08/03, preferably with the printed label to prove what time you did the scan to CYA.
  15. stevetheupsguy

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    They're still doing this. Here's a question for ya. Why didn't the Ground guy hide the pkg to the left or right, then the note may have come in handy, but as it is, what's the point of the note?

  16. bbsam

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    The point of the note is to comply with the directive from above. Work as directed. Over.
  17. FedExer267

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    First off that driver isnt the sharpest knife in the drawer. You dont leave a package in plain view like that. However when you pay someone peanuts to do any job who would go the extra mile. I just do what I am told thats what the boss wants thats what he gets. Never mind that is a waste of paper and money. I just think its funny the package is directly under the note in plain view. You get what you pay for and with ground wanting quality drivers they better figure out away to make the job a career. Til then there will be alot of claims.
  18. Cactus

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    What was that Ground driver thinking?
  19. bbsam

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    Ground drivers do not think. They work as directed. Over.
  20. FedExer267

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    Ground drivers dont get paid enough to think. So if it ends up costing someone money hey they did as directed..