Lock -In-Rides???

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  1. Finally got a time study in our center, 10 years coming!!!! Went from 1 person a day scratching to 1 person a day scratching!!!!! Now they are starting the lock in rides!!!! What does a lock in ride mean, and what can we do through the Union hall to stop some of this harassament?????
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    In our center, the drivers who have lock-in rides are ridden with for three days. They take an average of the over/under nonsense for those three days and tell the driver he/she must meet that average every day. Then that driver continues to ignore their phony numbers and files when the harrassment gets too much.
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    Do your job by the methods to the T. Write down everything they say to you in a journal as well as a description of your day each and everyday. Write down your numbers. When you feel harassed file a grievance and don't elaborate when you are questioned about Why it took so long. It took that long because that's how long it took.
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    It is just this simple.
    It's a calculated bluff to force the weak to skip their lunch and breaks, as well as to come in early and make up for what the preload can't accomplish.
    It will never go any farther than the "letter of record" you'll receive immediately following the 3 day orchestrated ride.
    Unfortunately 3 out of 4 sheep can't see that they are bluffing.
    They do it because it works.
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    Seriously, I've been running the same route for 12 years, and suddenly due to technoligical advances I'm now supposed to be x# of stops better per hour.
    They'll be lucky if I manage to maintain what I have "demonstrated" over past 12 years.
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    Ups drivers aren't like wine we just don't get better with age. The older we get the more we smell like bengay.
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    Do not live in the past. Can't be 2009 Champ forever.
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    Really! How long you bengay?
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    Take your own advise and realize you're no monster, rather a brownnoodle.
    I will always be the 2009 Champ, nobody can take that from me.
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    Working on your bucket list?
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    I liked the first version better then brownnoodle.
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    My lock in was 13.9. Before I gained 50 nda delivery and 50 on pick up. Though my pieces changed from 250 del to 330 or more to pu 70s to 140 or more my numbers have went down. Im not Sheldon (big bang theory, watch it if you havent) but I know math. A little. it aint the same, gimmee a letter. I have no clue why it has changed. And neither do they, and quite frankly I dont care. And neither do they. So its mutual. Im waiting for the letter, I havent heard a peep. I get an extra five hours OT a week, minimum, they keep sending me out with the same dispatch. I guess the more they give me, the faster Ill run. Bengay is my friend, or thermacare.
    Yea get those sales leads, and your dispatch will reflect it, it dont, it doesnt, and it wont. And you will get screwed on your lead.
    UPS it aint for everybody, but I will retire much richer, should I make it.
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    I feel better just flushed another brownmonster down. Wosh
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    Ask them to show you where exactly in the labor agreement it refers to so-called "lock-in" rides being a valid basis for discipline. All you will get in response is a blank stare and maybe some double talk and BS, but no straight answer. The so-called "lock in" ride is nothing more than a pathetic attempt on their part to screw you out of your lunch and breaks.
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    Just wait till you really get old.
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    Same Crap still going on since 81 when I started..Thank God I am now retired!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    For a fleeting moment you are not full of :censored2:.