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  1. wncdriver

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    So I know that I cannot transfer until I enroll in a school where I am moving to, but I was told recently that I have to provide a 'good reason' as to why I want to got to the school I am moving to instead of a local college. What kind of reasons will fly? I mean, what if I just dont like the college in my area?
  2. Brownslave688

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    Sounds good to me. Just tell them your changing majors.
  3. Buck Fifty

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    Whatever you do, don't over think this one. You Can Do IT !!!You can do it montage. - YouTube
  4. UPSGUY72

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    Don't forget the other building has to except you. Also your not going to have any seniority in the place your going to. So if your just transferring because the wait time to become a driver is less it isn't going to work out to good.
  5. htown0721

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    Tell them you did not get into the local college or the other one is offering a more lucrative financial aid package
  6. barnyard

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    Do not lie. Lying is a cardinal sin and if caught, transferring will not be an issue.