Made a easy $100.00 on my lunch break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Brought 10 frozen hamburger patties and 10 frozen chicken patties to work with me today!!! Laid out a roll of tin foil on my top shelf and put the patties on there around 9:00,,,,,, Stopped and got buns, chips and drinksssss!!!! 12:00 the meat was perfectly cooked!!!! Went to a busy part of town, and sold the lunches out of my truck!!!! Took around 30 minutes and they were all gone...... Cleared $100.00 dollars........... Told my boss and he OK'ed it as long as I would donate half of the money to the United Way.... I Agreed??????? I plan on doing it twice a week in the hot months,,,,, I make some extra money and help my boss numbers look good with United Way....I'm all about helping out the Company!!!
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    Wait until a food inspector catches you or someone claims they have gotten sick from your food - then you are toasted !
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    1. What shelf in any UPS truck is empty at 9:00 am ???? Apparently they sent you out under dispatched.
    2. If it took three hrs to cook the burgers they would have been dry as a bone. That is why you see hotdog carts and not hamburger carts in the summer.
    3. Your boss would never approve of this if he did he would be putting his job on the line because if UPS corporate found out he and you would be looking for another job.
    4. How is given the money to United way going to make his numbers look good ?? Unless your having more money taken out of your weekly pay check his numbers aren't changing.
    5. The hot months are just about over. What you going do make ice cream next.
  5. In the winter months!!!! I may try putting a coffee pot on top of my engine!!!!! Put starbucks out of business!!!!
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    What a scream! That is funny!
  7. Just joking about the coffee pot, you know that would taste funny!!!! Anyway, I may see if I can get a trailer hitch installed on my p1000, so I can pull a BBQ pit or a smoker on a trailer!!! That way I could make the extra money for me and all the needy, hungry kids in the winter months!!! Coffee pot in the engine compartment!!!! Yall will fall for anything!!!
  8. If management want OK, the BBQ thing, I will see what they think about a stripper pole in the back of my p1000!!!! Making extra money is endless!!!!!! Just have to be creative//////
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    No wonder you have negative rep points. You don't even make sense !
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    What a crock
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    I don't I recommend it, but dope is always in season and the profit margin is much better than burgers and ice cream, plus no empty shelves are needed.

    Of course I'm joking, but I'm sure it has been done.
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    I see a lot of fresh roadkill first thing in the morning on my route. Couldn't you increase your profit margin if you did your own butchering, (coons, squirrels,deer and such) instead of buying the meat?

    Just trying to help...
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    I just love reading threads where Tie talks to himself.
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    if they get sick,they can head to Canada for your free healthcare system!
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    i used to make $50.00 on Fridays during Lent!! I would wrap up Steak n Cheese subs in Palm boxes ,then deliver to the Holy Sisters of the House Of Blessed Agony so the priest wouldn't find out !!!
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    Yea you play..

    But glass would break under such extreme temps. No matter how much fluid you have in there.
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    You know with all the technologly out there you think all the moron posts would just be automatically deleted. And we would'nt be wasting time replying to this......
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    I agree, this thread should have not been approved or atleast removed a.s.a.p !

    Just garbage talk !
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    Even though you would risk ceasing to exist?
  20. Why does every site I go on<<<<<<<<<<<<<always have 5 or 6 jerks thinking they the shi-???????????