Management and Admin Job cuts

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  1. I was just watching CNBC and they stated that UPS is going to cut 1800 Management and Admin and raised there forcast for this year
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    Wall Street likes the news, UPS is up over $2.00 a share so far today!
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    Lol, someone just woke from a coma.
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    I take this as good news. UPS will be operating lean & mean !! I think the shareholders like it too. Now all the rank & file won't have as many upper mgmt. to hate.

    FDX is probably running fat and frayed!
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    UPS has always been mean. Now they will just be a little more lean.
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    UPS has proved once again that the"one company" model is an asset. The fact that UPS is able to control cost from A to Z is a definite advantage when it comes to generating profit. I believe that UPS having higher then expected profit is great news for us, but not so much for either the USPS or FDX. I'm not always happy with what Atlanta decides but its good to see that apparently they know how to squeeze out profit.
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    With the squeezing do you think they will squeeze drivers harder also?
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    They are welcome to try.
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    This is going to be a painful change, but IF done right a very positive one.

    District and Regions are much bigger than today with less management. District Managers will be held to a P&L statement AND service. (At least that's what Myron says. (By the way, Myron is a very good and smart man and responsible for this now).

    This has the potential to do two things....

    First, less micro management becasue there is just no time.

    Second, make decisions that are P&L based instead of metric based. I've said before that metrics are good, but only if they don't get in the way of what the true goal is.

    These changes may truly focus the district on the right behaviors.

    So, the caveat is whether we really have good enough management who can think this way. This means that they would need to work under broad guidelines (like the policy book says) and make local decisions on what is right.

    We have a lot of management that only know how to work under strict rules...

    As I said in a different thread, this change is much, much different than things we have done before. The focus on cost should NEVER go away, but it has to be the right focus. This change may enable that.

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    Part of mgmnt making local decisions should involve occasionally listening to input from employees. We're not always whining, once in a while we come up with suggestions that can benefit the company and the customers.
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    Fat chance because all us TEAMSTERS are dishonest and lazy in upper managements eyes.
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    good UPS is way over managed,the drivers are the ones that make this company money
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    And thats where I get my screen name. To management we are all WORTHLESS
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    no, just your attitude.
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    just like the burger flippers at mcdonalds.
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    I would like to think that you are right; but the cynical part of me tends to think that UPS management will always find the time to micromanage.

    What I am seeing in all of this is a great big game of management "musical chairs" with some scared people who are running in circles and trying not to be left standing when the music stops.

    Scared people tend to revert to old behaviors. So, when they cant solve any of the big problems, they will invent and then obsessively focus on the small ones.
  18. Brown287

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    Absolutely, this last year if theres one thing UPS has discovered is just how hard they can get UPS employees to work. Funny thing is that they were right, we all thought there was no way we could be any more productive, but they were right and we were wrong. With every new piece of technology that UPS deploys they are able to make each individual employee more productive. You can just look at stops per hour, or the fact that the pre-load at one time was an 8 hour job. You need to understand Bbsam that our wages don't permit UPS to simply rely on price. I know that at FedEx Ground your biggest enemy is the size of your routes and defined contract areas, now imagine if your were constantly able to manage your routes to better able yourself to always take advantage of all levels of service. We at UPS have distinct advantages that we need to always exploit.
  19. pretzel_man

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    If you look at what I posted, I also raised concern if our management are up to this task.

    I also agree about the musical chairs, but....

    The musical chairs today are people trying not to be one of the 1800 left without a seat. In theory, the 1800 left when the music stops are the poorest performers.

    Will that really happen? I don't know.

    However, I do know Myron Grey personally. He is an outstanding individual and has my absolute trust. If Myron is in charge of this, I am glad to follow.

    I am going to do my best to support Myron in this and give him a chance to do what he has promised. That is to run US operations on a P&L and Service basis. That's what we have all asked for.

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    And a lot more mean....