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Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by airops, May 4, 2012.

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    Did anyone else actually watch the video and wonder how much was spent on that little party? All the fluff, awards, meals, hotels, air fares, video, etc. The Casey Night was pretty cool to hear our past CEO's talk about their accomplishments. But really, how much did that party cost our organization? Is this why we don't get increases? We need to pay for parties? Anyone ever attend it? Is it a week of golf, drinks, steaks, and bragging? I would love to see the true cost of this meeting.
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    It's probably a pretty good thing that our senior leadership gets to go to...hopefully it will help them all to be on the same page and have the correct direction for the company. That being said, I can't even imagine, nor do I want to know how much that cost. Just think of the airfare and lodging expense for all those people. And I think it's pretty safe to say they weren't put up at the "Motel 6". But one thing I do know, those guys that always got picked on in high school...well, they actually are running our company. Hard for me to believe that any of the speakers that I saw, would stand a chance in a package car. They may have done it for a short time, but they moved up extremely quick. I thought at any moment a game of Dungeons and Dragons was going to break out. No offense to those of you that actually play that game. How any of them ever talked to a girl, let alone get married, is beyond me. Not the best looking group of leaders any company could have. Anyhow, off my tangent...yes, very expensive few days!!!
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    And being "good looking" is what leadership is all about........Shallow Hal!
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    What about the cost of all the managers and sups that went to District meetings to listen to the show.
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    But did they get hookers like the Secret Service? It isn't a party until the hookers show up.
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    You're thinking of the Teamster Conventions.
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    It was my understanding that the Partners forum was created to give mgt their own forum in which to interact with one another, free from the typical "us" vs "them" union mentality or the irrelevant posts I quoted above. Dave.
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    Well believe it or not...not everything is done via conference call!!
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    Put some things in perspecitve.....

    The conference is for district manager level and above. Its only about 150 people.....

    Yes, it's expensive. But its impossible that the Management Conference is the reason for not getting increases. The math doesn't work.

    Also, it's NOT a party. They have guest speakers, many presentations, panels, small group discussions, etc.

    Expensive, yes. Party, no.

    I know many that attend. I think it's a good thing. It's important that our most senior leadership are all hearing the same thing, interacting, and understanding a vision.
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    I am curious what that vision entails.
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    I agree..most management feel that the vision was lost somewhere down the line !
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    I hope they discussed my raises for 2013, I need a new boat.
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    I think I found one your raise will cover and it is in East Point.

    To be more clear Eastpoint, FL.
    Old Boat at Sunrise_ZHS6976web.jpg
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    I think by "boat" he meant an old Buick. ;)
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    Really good Weed....
  18. What's with that outfit that CO had on.....Time for a "What Not to Wear" intervention Christine....
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    By having the meeting and those in attendance being District management and above creates a new "us vs. them" mentality. Its seemed that those in the upper level positions have a great idea for how things should be. The propblem is in reality getting those idea in place and making them successful is a whole different story.

    For example relying on Sure Post to be a driving force in positive revenue. What happen when even more Post Office close? The system isnt nearly as perfect as it sounded in the presentations.

    Anthother example of being out of touch with the actualy operations is the attention that was given to customer service. I would like to think that 99% of all drivers truely want to provide exelent service. That being said with the elevated amounts of work being dispatched on a daily basis having time to do the little things that customer expect have become very difficult to do. Also the reference to technology allowing out drivers to be more efficient and allow them time to provide exelent service is a bit ridiculous. Sure the DIAD has simplified some elements but a keyless ignition that save a grand total of 6 minutes a day does not constitute adding 20 to 30 stops to a driver all in the name of making stop per car.

    Most of the people in attendance never see a operation, they never leave their office. I have always been told its good to go have a look to see how things are really being done. I belive it would be a wise for those in positions District and above to come take a look and see if they like what they see.
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    I guess she does not understand "protect your brand".