Mass retirements and big changes ahead


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Can't speak for all areas but in my local which is 651 with the soon to be re-instated service pensions we will be looking at a mass exodus of employees in the next couple of years. Some who were just waiting to see what the contract would offer and many who will take advantage of the service pensions. A good thing for those waiting to move up the ladder but I don't feel we will have enough people to fill the void.

The young UPSers in our hub have no interest for the most part in package delivery. To be brutally honest we have had a rash of poor management which has lead to people being fired for almost anything imaginable (not exiting the truck via hand rail, pulling out of parking spot before seat belt was completely secure). Things which don't stick and only cause service failures and poor customer service. We have many drivers working way past 9.5 with grievances that don't help solve the problem. Long story short our young UPSers don't have any interest in all the stress which exists in our center.

We will have many jobs to fill and I have no idea how they plan on doing this. People off the street are an option but very few of them last in our center. In fact our overall ratio of people hired (including UPSers) to people who make it through orientation is 4 to 1. Just through orientation!! I think we as a company are in for some big changes in the next 10 years with the changing mentality and work ethic of todays youth. I hope the company is able to adapt to the new work force or we will be looking at hard times.

Does anyone else see this happening in their area?

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UPS is going to have alot of trouble filling these positions. Part time more so than full time. People that they hire in 2009 and later are really gonna be the worst of the worst. UPS does not seem to realize that these people are gonna be their future drivers.


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when i was a preloader i always wonderd, how can these guys complain so much and make that much per hour. then i became a driver and i realized how much crap you have to go thru. if i had it to do all over again i would have stayed part time and worked another part time job. at least then i could unload trailers and mind my own business.
i think alot of the younger guys feel the same. our center manager is particularly hard on newer guys and i can see some of them cracking. its a shame because we are a smaller center and have some really great people. people used to look to ups as a great career. now things have gotten so bad that no one wants to stay more than a few months if even that long. i hope the company can somehow stop the us vs them attitude and let everyone prosper together. that is what we need to survive in to the future. but i dont see that happening as of now, so ill just come in do my job and leave it at the guardshack.


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Yep Scott, ya hit the nail on the head. Lord willing, I'll be outta browns in 5 years--51 years old. I look at some of these new people & just shake my head. They don't wanna work 5 days a week--let alone a 9 hour day.