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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by FIST, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. FIST

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    Why does our Local continue to tell everyone that the master agreement don't matter. Just read your supplement and riders, sounds like some sick joke. What's your take!
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    Our local had no opinion no the Master, however on the Central they pointed out the language that gives the Company the right to use P/T driver to cover for the single day vacation day. I guess in San Diego the Union Negotiators told our BA that they are only to be used to cover these single days but the language says something totally different, it totally opens the door for P/T ground drivers forever at $16.00 per hr and a top rate of $18.45. Now if your were in the Central would you vote for this? VOTE NO ON THE CENTRAL SUPPLEMENT!
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    :confused:1 At our meeting with the local we were told that a yes vote was required on both the master and the rider/supplement in order for this contract to pass, if one is voted down then the whole thing is history. Our BA was asked if he was talking about the whole company or just our local, he said that if any (all locals) vote no, the contract will not pass.

    As far as the master vs. the rider/supplement, your rider is a fine tuning of the langauge in the master, specific to your state/region. Think of the master as a general overview of what was agreed upon with the IBT, then the locals/regions go in and fine tune the langauge for there area.
  4. tieguy

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    another poster who has all the rumors and misinformation down but does not understand the contract or its processes. Do you guys teach anyone anything other then the misinformation?
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    When the local and the master disagree, the local is supposed to be the one followed.
    Our BA seems to make up his own witches brew of "past practice" from both the master and the local.
  6. trickpony1

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    If this contract passes, "past practice" will be a concept of the past resulting in a daily "free for all" by management.
    I can't quote the article but it was discussed at our local meeting.
  7. tieguy

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    another ambigious heresay reference source that we should all accept as the gospel?

    If I said I read an article somewhere that you were each getting a new car for signing the contract I would be brought up on charges. But here you are spreading your version of misinformation with no repercussions
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    Once again you post as if you have no life or no other things in your life to occupy your time.

    What he is speaking of is the new language contained in the health and safety article of the National Master Agreement.

    In it, it sez that one grievance shall not establish a precedence and any subsequent grievances will be independent of any other grievances decisions.

    This article, while confusing to some readers, does not apply to all grievances, just grievances relating to health and safety issues.

    Rather than name calling him, why not watch football and keep your mind busy there or try and figure out what he is talking about and give him a "clearer" understanding of the agreement.

    You are an annoying type, and I enjoy the pleasure of letting the air out of your sail time and time again. I just wish the moderators didnt assist you by restricting my registration.

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    Mr. B.S."also",
    Please read what you wrote;

    You are an annoying type, and I enjoy the pleasure of letting the air out of your sail time and time again.

    So, you downgrade Tie for being annoying. Yet, you take relish in annoying Tie?
    Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me.
    At least Tie has been on this forum for almost 8yrs and has never been restricted.
    Yet,you have managed to be restricted in a couple of weeks time.
    The moderators are impartial when it comes to someone stepping over the line, as you have in the past.
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    LMAO!! Thank you for confirming my opinion that TIEGUY spends too much time on this board, an 8 year committment to insult posters.. a real career man. LOL

    Lets just hope Tieguy doesnt make any sharp turns, I'd hate to see you injure your neck.

    As for any restrictions, as I stated earlier, I dont live on this board, I consider myself equilibrium for guys like you and Tie who have your own agendas and spend your time glued to the keyboard staring at brown cafe posts like it was your favorite porn.

    I hate kiss-***** and I hate save-*****.....

    Let Tie defend himself.

  12. FIST

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    By the look of the master, I will not sell-out my brothers all over the country just because my supplement and rider are a bit better. No on all!
  13. tieguy

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    thought you guys voted seperately on the master and local supplement? If so why would you be selling anyone out?
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    I have posted more than once, Tie can defend himself.
    Equilibrium does not equal expressing an opinion with coarse language.
    With the length of your tirades, you spend far more time on the keyboard than I do.
    I did not confirm your prejudice about Tie. I affirmed the fact that you do not conduct yourself in a acceptable manner in B.C.
    You may not live on this forum (or board as you call it), but you have died on it in a very short time.
    My neck is in good shape, even though it is red. Thanks for being concerned.
    I hate bullys.
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    Seems so many of them start out full of vim and vigor then relax a bit when they get called out on their behavior... then they go make an alias to affirm their own posts (ego?) and start the process all over again. It really does make for amusing reading :)
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    Damuck and Sattelite,

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    I see that you automatically assume I'm talking about you. Surely you can see from my post I am talking in general about a certain personality type and how it applies to people not a person specifically. Are you trying to say you're one of those people hiding behind aliases on this forum? Are you owning up to being a bully? If you could show me where I criticize everyone on this board and all the times I hide behind moderators I'd like to see it... that would be a neat trick.

    Wait a minute, you can't... I forgot for a moment that you tend to overstate things with no back up. You throw accusations around with no basis in fact and then attack anyone who disagrees with you.
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    You just keep making my point.
    Thanks, keep posting.
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    I will just let you hoist yourself on your own petard.
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    Keep trying.
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