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    Hey everyone. Yesterday was my first day driving on my was a nice 11 hour day. I had some great help from other drivers and wouldn't have made it through without them. Today they lightened my load and I think I shot myself in the foot....I finished the route in less than 7 hours, so I have a feeling tomorrow they'll put me back at a full load. I'm still having fun and absolutely loving this job. From the profane laced tirades of the loader supervisor in the morning to the short tempered senior driver who helped me practice's a great team. I'm sure there are downsides I will encounter eventually so I'm going to enjoy this now. I'm so thankful to have this job and after a few beers I figured I would share that.
    I'm still a sweaty mess. I am a heavy sweater and after about 2 hours on road I am soaked. Like "just jumped in a pool" soaked. I'm used to it and just kind of deal with it, but I know it has to look bad. Anyone else with this problem?
    Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week, and even more, the weekend.
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    Swamp ass sucks.
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    I wish it was just swamp ass......
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    Memorize the 5 keys to stop sweating and you will be fine.
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    I get the "jumped in a pool" look on hot days. I just always makes sure to carry a medium sized towel, and mop myself off before going into a business. Never had anyone complained. Usually it's comments of commiseration or words of encouragement.

    As for working too fast, no such thing in your 30 days. When I went through, I had to make scratch solo, then do it with an oncar, then once again with the center manager. The other driver hired around the same time as myself was DQ'ed for being too slow. His safety and driving were fine, just didn't have the motivation apparently.

    And something I learned early on as "the new guy". Don't be afraid to ask other drivers questions. Some have been at it almost as long as I have been alive and know what the hell they are talking about. Though get your 30 before taking some of their advice. You should be able to figure that out.
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    I'm not a sweater really thank god although yesterday I was soaked. I could smell the stench on me and it sucked. I know a lot of heavy sweaters that bring a second shirt to change into after lunch makes them feel fresh and ready to go for another few hours.
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    Keep up the good work and eke that head held high. You're doing fine.

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    Good luck, the first couple years as a cover driver are rough! If you can make it through that it get's much easier as long you don't make yourself one the people that management enjoys screwing with. Work hard, work safe, be honest even if u know ur going to get an ass kicking for having a late air. You seem like you have a good attitude so you will be fine if you keep it, I remember at the start thinking I would never have a problem again once I reached full-scale. Didn't take long after till I was finding something else to be :censored2: off about. ;)
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    Take that go get'm feeling and remember it, the times of that feeling while on the clock will be few and far between, ignorance is bliss.