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  1. soberups

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    I am on a fairly large center (60+ drivers) so at any given time there is usually at least one driver in the office on TAW (temporary alternate work--"light duty"). These are usually people who are taken off car for a few days to heal minor injuries such as sprained ankles etc. Its a win-win because they dont have to lose money being out on comp, and the company keeps its insurance rates down because these guys dont show as a "lost time" injury.

    Often time these drivers can still drive, they are just on a weight or hours restriction. This gives them the ability to perform useful work such as shuttling misloads, late air, or running empty vehicles out to routes with containment issues.

    One of the truly stupid rules coming down from IE is that these guys cannot ever deliver a misload themselves, instead they must meet up with the driver and give him the package...even if that driver must then break trace for 10 miles to go back and deliver it.

    Why? Because a TAW driver who delivers one stop will show up on the WOR and drag the centers SPORH average down. So according to IE "logic", its better for a driver on a route to lose 20 minutes breaking trace than it is for a TAW driver to deliver the package for him.

    I was on TAW once and we had late air from the airport. I had a NDA letter for a title company and was instructed to go to the title company and wait there to give it to the driver who was clear at the other end of his route 15 miles away.

    These were title documents. I was there; I had the letter; I had a DIAD; I had every ability to make service on that package. The customer came out and asked me for it, she said her buyers were inside waiting to sign. I called the center and asked for permission to deliver the letter...and was told "no."

    We kept 3 customers at a title company waiting 45 minutes for their important title documents until the regular driver arrived...all so some dipsh%t bean-counter from IE could take credit for looking better "on paper" by keeping the centers SPORH average higher by some insignificant margin.

    The 45 minutes that the regular driver spent shagging the misload that I could have delivered for him meant that he needed help in the afternon from 2 other drivers, who had to break trace and add miles to their own routes. All 3 drivers were over 9.5, the customer was :censored2: that they had to wait for their title documents, and we owed them a refund due to the letter being late...but, by golly, at least we made that number look better!!!

    It doesnt have to be this way. If there was anyone in IE with half a brain, they would allow each center to code TAW drivers in such a manner that any deliveries they did (subject to a limit of, say, 4 or 5 stops) would not count against the centers SPORH.

    If you have a TAW driver and he is already being paid, already driving a vehicle, and is capable of delivering the work within his medical restrictions... there is no logical reason why he shouldnt be able to do so.

    Of course, we are talking about IE...where logic is an oxymoron anyway.
  2. Highwayman

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    Don't talk about my feeder manager,Mr. Oxymoron, like that.:devil3:
  3. cachsux

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    Oxymoron? Isn`t that what I.E. washes their suits with?
  4. jimstud

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    does any of this really surprise you these are also the brain children who came up with taking away the time allowance for over 70's. by their way of thinking it should take you the same ammount of time to deliever 10 1lb packages as it does 10 150 lbs packages.
  5. robot

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    I do not condone violence but some of these hair brained ideas from IE get me riled up! I'd love to drag some of these guys into the back of a package car and bash their heads in with a package!!!
  6. 8up

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    "We kept 3 customers at a title company waiting 45 minutes...."
    "It doesn't have to be this way."

    you couldn't be more correct, it doesn't have to be that way. i had the same situation awhile back. the customer got the contents, i waited with the receptionist, chatting, having a piece of someone's birthday cake and coffee. when the driver showed up. she got the scan, got the signature and we got the heck outta there. customer satisfied, ctr mgr not on the POS list, I.E. unaware' as usual, drivers paid for all hours worked, and no one had to see our dirty laundry. a little driver know how & can-do pulls it all together, again.
  7. The Milkman

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    I agree. Deliver 10 1lb pkgs and make the same allowance for 50 pounders..When I was a rookie we had a stop that shipped feeder loads daily of books. When drivers were light they would send maybe 5 -6 drivers to pick-up to get more pieces. The only problem I had with that was that whoever got there first would ( when they shipped them) grab a box or two of envelopes in a minute then I would show up later and have to load my p-500 or 700 later on with 10 pounders that were meant for feeders. Ending your day looking at 3-4 skids of books on a dock which was exposed to the elements was not good. So the earlybird got the worm and I got the shaft, untill I learned to play a little different. Thank God I am retired now and don't miss the #'s game anymore.When I went to the customer counter before I hung it up it was not so much #'s but told to lie to the customers...that's another long story...Gald I am gone..
  8. Dragon

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    It's SPC - STOP PER CAR - not SPORH they are looking at. You would count as another driver on road.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Was any thought given to having you use a center/customer counter DIAD so that the pkgs would be delivered, the center would not show you as an on road driver and you still get your 8 hours of TAW?

    I think I would have given the contents of the envelope to the consignee and then waited for the driver to deliver the envelope.
  10. Dragon

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    Upstate, you do not want to do that. That would be "hiding" a driver.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    ...while taking care of the customer(s).
  12. hurricanegunner

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    Either that or simply write down the tracking number and have the regular driver input the tracking number manually. UPS is constantly whining at us about "providing service" and "the customer is always right," and yet here management wants to screw the customer and purposely cause a service failure for no legitimate reason.
  13. hellfire

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    its a moot point to complain, lets all sit back and watch I.E ruin ups
  14. soberups

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    The solution would still be the same; a TAW driver who delivers less than 5 stops should be coded out in such a manner as to have no effect on the center SPC, SPORH, or any of the other stupid acronyms that IE is slowly strangling this company to death with.
  15. brownrodster

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    Can you confirm that you do not get an extra 2 minutes for an over 70 you enter in your diad anymore? If that is the case then I will no longer enter my over 70's into the diad.
  16. pretzel_man

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    Did you ask anyone why they have that rule? You are assuming its because of SPORH. SPORH is no longer the main center measure. Its NDPPH. Using the TAW driver in the manner you mention would raise NDPPH because it would have reduced the hours.

    I have an opinion on why they have the rule. I'd be interested in what they say.

  17. brownrodster

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    Surely then managers will somehow abuse this to make themselves look better.

    I agree that in a customer service sense this is unnacceptable. It is appalling. But this is UPS. Numbers are everthing. Customer service is at least the 10th or worse priority.

    This is a company where drivers with no customer service skills but good numbers are well respected by management. And drivers with excellent customer service but mediocre numbers are turds.

    I stopped caring long ago. I can't change anything. I just do what I'm told and get paid.
  18. jimstud

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    we were told not to go into the over 70's screen anymore that the time allowances were not there anymore. in fact we had sups threaten to give warning letters to drivers who continued to enter information in that screen. they said it was wasting time.
  19. dannyboy

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    That is the great disconnect with those that run the company, and those that run for the company.

    And its the same mindset that those in the Tech department say its more important for the customer to be able to track the package than to actually get it.

    Dont get me wrong, all these portions of the whole picture are important. But when one says I am, or what I do is more important to the over all success of this company than any other, that is when we know they are full of bull.

    Its important to make a profit. We are all in the game of making money. But the money we earn is paid for by people that demand service, and some UPS'ers dont get it.

  20. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    I was told by my supervisor that the rule was in fact to keep the center's SPORH up to IE's expectations.

    A driver on TAW who spend 4 hrs on road delivering 4 stops shows up on the WOR as having delivered 1 SPORH. To a center manager who is already on "probation" for failing to make his numbers, this could mean the difference between a job or a spot in the unemployment line.

    The reality of the situation in terms of actual productivity means nothing. In order to survive as a UPS manager you must find a way to spoon-feed your immediate superior whatever statistic happens to be the current flavor of the week. Common sense is irrelevant.